Cheap Minibus Hire Bristol

Bristol is a very popular destination for international tourists.  In fact, it is the ninth most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom.  Unsurprisingly, the minibus hire business in Bristol is booming, with many companies offering airport transfers for tourists and those wishing to tour the area.  Minibus hire can be ideal for many other reasons as well, such as corporate events to move employees from the office to a venue; or weddings, to move guests from the church to the reception and so on.

What Types of Minibuses are Available?

There are two types of minibus hire available these being self drive or a hire that comes with a driver.  With self drive, one person in the party will be the driver of the minibus and with minibus hire with a driver, nobody needs to drive.  This last option is particularly relevant for a night out for example, meaning that nobody needs to be the designated driver.  Minibus hire with a driver is generally the more popular option.

Minibuses are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with varying levels of luxury.  Generally, the size of a minibus is expressed in the number of seats – an uneven number denoting the driver and number of passengers.

What is The Cost of Cheap Minibus Hire Bristol?

The cost of minibus hire Bristol will vary depending on what you are precisely looking for.  If you are looking for self drive minibus hire, you will generally be charged per day.  However, many companies encourage longer term hire by lowering their day by day cost if you agree to hire your minibus for more than a week.  With self drive cheap minibus hire Bristol, there are also many optional extras that can influence the price, such as having a SatNav or an additional driver.

For cheap minibus hire Bristol with driver, the price will generally depend on the size of the minibus and the journey you are undertaking.  You may be offered a fixed price for a journey, or be charged in a similar fashion as a taxi.  Larger minibuses are naturally more expensive, but the price per person is generally lower for larger hires.

Companies offering Cheap Minibus Hire Bristol

There is a whole host of companies offering cheap minibus hire Bristol.  Some of these are local companies or sometimes family run businesses that have been operating for generations.  However, there are also many national companies that have depots in Bristol and cover the Bristol area.  If you are looking for cheap minibus hire Bristol, you could consider some of the following companies:

  • Bristol Van Hire
  • Bristol Minibus Hire
  • Toll Gate Hire
  • Budget
  • Speedway Hire
  • National Minibus Hire
  • Hareclive Vehicle Rental
As you can see whether you need a minibus for a corporate affair or wedding or whether you need ferrying to and from the airport, you are sure to be able to find a company that will be able to help you with everything that you need.

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