Cheap Minibus Hire in Leeds

Many international and national flights depart from Leeds Bradford Airport every day.  As group holidays become increasingly popular once again, many people find that the cost of long stay parking, particularly if you are going with a group and need more than one car, adds a significant amount of money to the overall cost of the holiday.  An alternative to driving yourself and having to spend a big chunk of holiday money on long stay parking is to hire a minibus to take you to the airport and pick you up again when you return.

What Types of Minibuses are Available?

There are many different types of minibuses available for hire which are generally expressed in the number of seats.  This is almost always an uneven number, counting the driver and the number of passengers.  For example, a 7 seater minibus carries one driver and six passengers.  Minibuses are also available in varying levels of luxury, some being described as executive for example.

Minibus hire is available in two ways: self drive or with a driver.  Self drive hires are great if you are going on a touring holiday, for example, with a group of people.  Minibus hire with a driver is more relevant for nights out, airport transfers, weddings, corporate events, and so on.  Cheap minibus hire in Leeds is available for both types.

What is The Cost of Cheap Minibus Hire in Leeds?

The cost of cheap minibus hire in Leeds will depend firstly on the size of minibus your require, with larger minibuses obviously costing more than smaller minibuses – however, if you divide it by the number of passengers and calculate the cost per person, larger minibuses are often the cheaper option.

Secondly, the price will depend on whether you are looking for cheap minibus hire in Leeds with a driver, in which case you will pay for the journey (sometimes a fixed price, other times you will pay by the mile, similar to taxi services); or self drive cheap minibus hire in Leeds, in which case you will pay by the day.  This can be very interesting for longer term hire, as the overall daily cost is often greatly reduced for a hire that lasts a week or more.

Companies offering Cheap Minibus Hire in Leeds

There are many companies offering cheap minibus hire in Leeds, some being large national companies with depots in and around Leeds, others being local companies.  Some of these companies offer self drive cheap minibus hire in Leeds whilst others offer hires that include a driver or both.  Some of the companies you could take into consideration if you are thinking of hiring a minibus are:

  • Tetley’s Coaches
  • Geldard’s Coaches Ltd
  • Godson Luxury Coaches
  • Budget Car Hire Leeds
  • Hunter Coaches
As you can see no matter why you require a cheap minibus hire in Leeds – whether you are going on a holiday or a shopping trip or a night out – you are sure to be able to find a company that meets all your needs and requirements.

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