Cheap Minibus Hire Leeds

Leeds is a fantastic city for shopping, from the cheap and cheerful, to regular high street to real designer.  Many people get groups of friends together to go to Leeds on the shopping trip of a life time and come back laden with bags and packages.  A great way to keep the cost of travel down – hence having more money for shopping! – is to hire a minibus.  If you share the cost between the friends you are going with, the price is really very low, particularly compared to public transport.

What Types of Minibuses are Available?

There are two types of minibuses available in relation to hire agreements; these being self drive and hires with a driver.  Self drive can be ideal for a holiday for example, or any other reason that means one of the members of the party does not mind not being able to have a drink.  Hiring a minibus with a driver is great for a night out, for example, whereby you will not require a designated driver, or if no one has a driver’s licence. 

A minibus is generally expressed in its number of seats, usually an uneven number, describing the driver and the number of passengers it can take.  Of course, a minibus also has quite a lot of leg space and a boot, making them ideal for those shopping trips to Leeds.

What is The Cost of Cheap Minibus Hire Leeds?

The cost of cheap minibus hire Leeds will depend on your needs and requirements.  Firstly, the price will of course be influenced by the size of minibus you require.  Larger minibuses cost more than smaller ones, but if you work out the cost per person, the larger minibuses are actually cheaper.  Secondly, the price will differ between self drive and minibus hire with a driver.  With a driver, you will most likely pay per trip, and with self drive you will pay per day.  The daily cost, however, will come down if you opt for longer term hire, which is great if you are going on a touring holiday for example.

Companies offering Cheap Minibus Hire Leeds

There are many companies offering cheap minibus hire Leeds, some operate on a national level, others only in Leeds and the surrounding area.  Some companies offer cheap minibus hire with driver, others offer self drive and others again offer both.  Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration for cheap minibus hire Leeds are:

  • M4 Van Centre who pride themselves on offering the lowest prices.
  • Arrow Self Drive who offer self drive cheap minibus hire Leeds.
  • Mini bus and coach hire who operate in Leeds and the surrounding areas.
  • Gerald Coaches who offer a range of minibuses, including luxury vehicles.
So, whether you are going on the shopping trip of a lifetime, need an airport transfer to Leeds Bradford, are going on a driving holiday, or want to go on a night out you are sure to be able to find a cheap minibus hire Leeds company that can help.

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