Cheap Minibus Hire Nottingham

Nottingham is perhaps most famous for the story of Robin Hood.  Unsurprisingly, many people visit Nottingham and its surrounding area to feel as though they are part of this amazing story of bravery and poor against the rich.  Both people from the United Kingdom and abroad visit Nottingham every year and many of these find it useful to hire a minibus to travel to and from Nottingham.

What Types of Minibuses are Available?

There are many different types of minibuses available.  Firstly, there are size differences, generally expressed in the number of seats.  This is always an uneven number, which shows the driver and number of passengers.  As an example, a 9 seater minibus will carry a driver and eight passengers.  Secondly, minibuses are available in a range of different levels of luxury, some offering plusher seats or air conditioning, for example.

Lastly, minibus hire is available on either a self drive basis or with a driver.  With a driver is the more popular option, although more and more people are now hiring self drive cheap minibus hire Nottingham to go on touring holidays with a group of friends.

What is The Cost of Cheap Minibus Hire Nottingham?

The cost of cheap minibus hire Nottingham will vary depending on the three things described above.  The size of the minibus will influence the price, with the larger minibuses being more expensive.  However, if calculated on a person to person basis, larger minibuses can actually be cheaper.  Luxury minibuses are obviously more expensive than regular minibuses and luxury should be seen as an optional extra when you are looking at cheap minibus hire Nottingham.

Lastly, the prices between self driver cheap minibus hire Nottingham and minibus hire with driver will be very different.  With a driver, you will generally pay for the trip in a similar way to a taxi service.  For self drive minibus hire, you will pay a daily price.  Many companies that offer self drive cheap minibus hire Nottingham will encourage longer term hire by lowering the daily prices if you hire a minibus for a week or more.

Companies offering Cheap Minibus Hire Nottingham

There are a lot of companies offering cheap minibus hire Nottingham.  Some of these companies are national companies that have depots in Nottingham.  With these, if you opt for self drive, you may even be able to drive outside of the United Kingdom, for example if you are looking into going on a touring holiday around Europe.  Other companies offering cheap minibus hire Nottingham are local companies and some are old family run businesses.  Some of the companies you may want to take into consideration include:

  • 1st Call Minibuses who try to always be 15% cheaper than any genuine like for like quote.
  • Gary’s Minibuses who operate in and around Nottingham.
  • JK Minibus Hire
  • Tiger European who also offer minibus hire through Europe
As you can see, whatever the reason is for you to require cheap minibus hire Nottingham, and whether it is self drive or with a driver, you are sure to be able to find a company that delivers on all fronts at a price you can afford.

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