Cheap Minibus Hire UK

There are many reasons why you may be thinking of hiring a minibus.  You may, for example, be going on a touring holiday of the different European countries with a group of friends.  Or perhaps you are looking at cheap minibus hire UK with driver for a fun night out without the need of a designated driver, a corporate event whereby all the staff need to be moved to a different location, a wedding whereby you want to ferry your guests from the church to the reception area or a transfer to and from an airport, the list is truly endless!

What Types of Minibuses are Available?

There are many different types of minibuses available.  Sizes of minibuses are generally expressed in an uneven number, which shows the driver and number of passengers.  An 11 seater minibus, for example, will hold a driver and ten passengers.  There are many different sizes of minibuses available, ranging from small 7 seater minibuses to massive 35 seater coaches.  Secondly, there are two types of minibus hire available which come either with or without a driver.  Minibuses also come in a variety of levels of luxury, which are sometimes offered as optional extras.

What is The Cost of Cheap Minibus Hire UK?

The cost of minibus hire UK will vary depending on what it is that you are precisely looking for.  The size of the minibus will obviously influence the price and prices will also differ depending on whether you choose to hire a minibus with a driver or not.  With a driver, you will generally be charged by the journey or mile (just like a taxi service), but for self drive you will be charged per day.  They daily cost will generally become lower for longer term hire, however, as many companies actively encourage long term hire agreements on cheap minibus hire UK.

Your location in the United Kingdom will also influence the price, as certain parts of the United Kingdom are more expensive than others; as will any optional extras, such as air conditioning, SatNav, child seats or additional drivers.

Companies offering Cheap Minibus Hire UK

There are many companies offering cheap minibus hire UK with some even offering minibus hire abroad or allowing you to hire a minibus in the United Kingdom and take it abroad.  Some of the better known companies that offer cheap minibus hire UK are:

  • Thrifty - a well known company offering cheap minibus hire UK as well as other vehicles, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.
  • A1 National Van Hire - specialising in self drive minibus hire they keep their prices low by offering free delivery and collection.
  • BM Coaches - offering coach hire all across the United Kingdom.
  • 5th Gear - offering both self drive cheap minibus hire UK and mini bus hire with a driver, as well as offering services abroad.
As you can see, there are many companies to choose from if you are looking for cheap minibus hire UK, whether you are looking for minibus hire with a driver or self drive.  Regardless of why you are looking for cheap minibus hire UK, you are certain to be able to find a company that delivers on all your needs and requirements whilst being easy on the pocket.

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