Hire a Minibus in Essex

One of the most populous counties in the United Kingdom is Essex.  Although it is far from being one of the most developed counties in the United Kingdom, there is still enough reason to take a trip there and marvel at its simplicity.  For one, blue-collared jobs can be found in the area because of industrial companies located in the south of the county.  It also boasts financial, electronic, and pharmaceutical institutions that provide jobs to the thousands of citizens living in the area.  Although the eastern part of Essex is reported to be one of the most deprived areas in the UK, the south western part of the county still holds promise to young citizens and job seekers.  This can be attributed to its independent schools and the number of companies in the area that are constantly recruiting.

Are you planning a visit to Essex to see what this developing county has in store for you?  If you will be travelling with a crowd, better hire a minibus to make your trip around the area comfortable.  Here are a few things you should know when you decide to hire a minibus in Essex.

Companies that Can Hire a Minibus in Essex

Minibus hire companies can be found in abundance in Essex, probably because it is one big, busy county.  Because of the competition among car hire companies operating in the area, most companies offer discounts and promos to lure more clients, so don’t be afraid to ask!

If you are not familiar with any car hire companies located in the area, you might want to ask for some quotes from the following Essex-based car hire companies:

  • Steve’s Self Drive - Established in 1982, this long-standing Essex-based company has all the kinds of vehicles you’ll ever need for large-group transport.
  • Simon’s Bus - This company is perfect for corporate and party bus hire, especially if you are expecting approximately 16 people to join in the ride.
  • Flagfinders - Based in Braintree, this family-owned business is sure to provide any type of coach you’ll need for your travelling peers.

Estimated Costs to Hire a Minibus in Essex

Each company will vary in their cost estimates as they vary on the following:

  • Pickup/Drop-off locations affect the rent of a minibus
  • Minibuses can be rented out with or without a driver
  • High passenger capacity vehicles are more expensive to rent than regular 8-12 seaters
  • Minibus hire rates vary depending on the duration of the rental
However, you can generally get a minibus for between £60 and £80 a day with a reduced rate after three days.

How to Hire a Minibus in Essex

To find a reliable company where you can hire a minibus in Essex, make it a point to ask your family and friends for recommendations.  If they can’t help you, try checking with the local tourist office for companies that offer sterling services at reasonable prices.

Essex is, indeed, still striving to become a developed county just like other areas in the UK, but the city has a lot to offer to tourists, students, and people who are looking for new opportunities in general.  Essex is a historic place, and you will not lose anything by paying a visit.  Go with a group, hire a minibus in Essex, and see how this bustling county can change the course of your lives with a single visit.

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