Hire a Minibus in Manchester

One of the biggest hassles when planning a trip is making sure that the transportation is comfortable, adequate, and suited to the itinerary of the trip.  After all, taking a trip around a bustling city with more than 10 people in tow is not an easy task.  If you are travelling within Manchester and you would like to ensure the comfort of your co-travellers, then it may be best for you to hire a minibus in Manchester.

Manchester is the second busiest city in the United Kingdom with a very thriving economy.  Most businesses in the area are service-oriented, so it is not surprising to find quite a number of car hire companies operating in the area.  If you are need to take a small group of pupils on a school trip, employees on a business trip, or tourists on a city adventure in Manchester then it may be best for you to hire a minibus in Manchester for convenience and practicality’s sake.

Hire a Minibus in Manchester Companies

Because Manchester is known as an economic and cultural centre in the United Kingdom, it is not surprising for the city to attract thousands of local and foreign tourists yearly.  Car hire companies have, therefore, found the car hire business in the city to be lucrative and are now competing for customers.  Because of the number of car hire services operating in Manchester, it is very easy for you to hire a minibus in Manchester at rates you can afford and with a convenience that you can value.  Here are a few minibus hire companies in Manchester that you may contact for quotes:

  • Hayton’s Executive Travel- A car rental company known to offer luxury vehicles for choosy clients.
  • Swinton Travel- A minibus rental company that offers drivers alongside their minibuses for hire.
  • Minibus Manchester- A local company that offers 14- to 16- seater minibus models for local use.
  • Salford Van Hire- A minibus rental company that operates in Manchester and Leeds.
  • Minibuses Manchester- A company that specialises in offering luxury coaches and minibuses for special use in glamorous corporate and showbiz events.

Estimated Costs to Hire a Minibus in Manchester

It is quite difficult to provide an exact quotation as to how much it would cost to hire a minibus in Manchester.  The passenger capacity of various minibus models vary (the higher the passenger capacity, the more expensive it would be), minibuses may or may not come with drivers, the pickup and drop-off points often differ, and rental rates depend on how long you intend to hire a minibus in Manchester for.

To give you an idea on how much it would cost to rent out a minibus in the city, a 12-seater minibus that is hired for 24 hours with a driver and an airport pickup point can cost anywhere between £600-800, exclusive of toll and diesel expenses.

How to Hire a Minibus in Manchester

The best way for you to find a reliable car hire company in Manchester is to ask for recommendations from family and relatives.  However, if you don’t know anyone who can give a trusted recommendation, you might want to ask for a list of trusted companies from the local tourist office.

Manchester is a bustling city with a lot to offer.  If you would like to enjoy your trip around the city, make sure to rent out a vehicle that is classy, comfortable, and suited for a small travelling group.  Hire a minibus in Manchester and travel worry-free while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.

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