Charter Minibus Hire

If you want to deal with the best charter minibus hire companies in the UK then there are two companies that you need to find out more about. The two charter minibus hire companies that you should learn more about are
  • Charter Vehicle Hire
  • BM Coaches

Charter Vehicle Hire

Charter Vehicle Hire is a charter minibus hire company that owns and rents out its minibuses in South Wales. Charter Vehicle Hire owns high quality Ford and Renault minibuses. These minibuses can cater to the needs of seven, nine and even seventeen passengers and are also the right choice for those groups of people that want to spend a weekend away from home.

Charter Vehicle Hire rents out its minibuses for daily hire and also for longer periods such as for a month or more and in addition, it is also a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association or the BVRLA.

Charter Vehicle Hire rents out the ever reliable Renault Grand Scenic minibus which is large enough to accommodate seven people for a daily rental of just 54 GBP. You can also hire a Renault Traffic Sport nine seat minibus for 66 GBP per day. If you want a larger minibus, then you can rent a larger seventeen seat Ford minibus. The prices charged are inclusive of insurance and 200 free miles but do not include VAT.

To contact this company you can use its online enquiry form or you can contact them on the phone by dialling 0800 975 2945.

BM Coaches

BM Coaches is a charter minibus hire company that also offers high quality minibuses for rent. This company is independent and owns a wide range of minibuses and is based very close to London’s Heathrow Airport in Hayes and so, is well placed to provide the best quality of transportation to people arriving or departing from London’s Heathrow Airport.

BM Coaches is a charter minibus hire company that also supplies minibuses of different sizes including its largest minibus that accommodates twenty-one people. The company provides top quality ground handling service and its minibuses are well also very well maintained and reliable.

This charter minibus hire company with more than fifteen years of experience in providing solutions for all kinds of minibus hire needs keeps its rates very low. In fact, there is no other company that can offer better rates than BM Coaches.

BM Coaches is focused on providing the best customer service, the lowest prices and the most reliable minibuses. The company has recently lowered its prices for charter minibus hire services in London and today, its airport pickups and transfers are much more affordably priced than ever before.

To contact this charter minibus hire company you can call 0208 848 7711. You can also visit the offices of this company at Shackles Dock, Silverdale Road, Hayes Middlesex UB3 3BN. For more information, you can also send the company an email and you can also contact it after office hours by dialling +44 (0) 79 61612000.

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