Executive Minibus Hire

If you are looking to deal with a company that provides executive minibus hire services in the UK, then there are at present three companies that provide these services. These three companies that provide executive minibus hire services are
  • Executive Coach Hire
  • London Car Hire
  • The Kings Ferry

Executive Coach Hire

Executive Coach Hire is a company that provides solutions for a diverse range of executive minibus hire requirements. This executive minibus hire company rents out minibuses and coaches for hire for all occasions in the UK and also in Europe. To meet the increased demand for executive minibus hire services, companies such as Executive Coach Hire have started to provide high quality solutions for all UK destinations.

Executive Coach Hire is an executive minibus hire company that provides the minibuses on hire for groups of twelve to eighteen persons. Their minibuses are well maintained, clean and comfortable and will transport you from one city to another in the UK as well as to different parts within a town or city in the UK.

Travelling by a minibus, especially an executive minibus, is cheaper and more convenient than travelling in a taxi or even in a car. Also, when you hire an executive minibus you get to also specify a pickup point that is convenient for you. Executive Coach Hire will then send a chauffeured executive minibus to pick you and your luggage from wherever you have instructed them to pick you up. The company can also provide you with additional services such as multiple drop-off points and it will also instruct its drivers to take a route that you want to travel on.

To contact Executive Coach Travel, you can either visit their office at 32-36 Minerva Road, London NW 10 6HJ UK or you can also make use of their online enquiry form. If you like, you can also speak to the company’s reps on the phone by dialling 0800 622 6444 or 0208 965 1726 to.

London Car Hire

London Car Hire is company that provides excellent executive minibuses on rent. This company has more than fifteen years of experience in this line of business and is fully capable of providing high quality luxury executive minibuses on rent.

The company also rents out super luxury minibuses which can accommodate sixteen passengers. These minibuses have large wheel base and the best safety and travel features. The company also rents out  several other kinds of executive minibuses including those such as the VW Caravelle and the VW Shuttle MPV.

The Kings Ferry

The Kings Ferry is a company that offers outstanding executive minibus hire services and is a leading coach and minibus hire specialist in the South East of England. It can supply minibuses that can either accommodate twelve passengers or those that can carry as many as nineteen passengers. These executive minibuses are very luxurious and also very well maintained. In fact, these minibuses, with high degree of sophistication, give a new meaning to corporate transportation. Its twelve seat executive luxury minibus, in particular, is stylish, comfortable, and luxurious and the perfect option for all your corporate travel requirements. Besides its ability to supply high quality executive minibuses for hire the company also matches that with its ability to offer unbeatable deals.

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