Minibus For Hire

If you would like to deal with a company that provides the best minibus for hire services in the UK then there are three companies that currently are best placed to provide high quality minibus for hire services in the UK. These three minibus for hire companies are:
  • Action Self Drive
  • Taxi Quoter
  • 1st for Minibus Hire

Action Self Drive

Action Self Drive is a good example of what a high quality minibus for hire company is. This Birmingham based family owned and operated minibus for hire company remains open on all seven days in the week and is very professional and can be relied upon to provide very high quality services.

Action Self Drive can supply a number of different minibuses for hire including those that accommodate seven to seventeen people. These minibuses can be rented out for short and long terms and the company also rents out a trailer that can be attached to the rear of the minibus to carry items of luggage that cannot be stored on the minibus.

To contact this minibus for hire company, you will need to either visit their office at Old Station Road (continuation of Northcote Road) Strechford Birmingham B33 9AE or you can speak to the company on the phone by dialling 0121 785 0111.

Taxi Quoter

Taxi Quoter excels at providing top drawer minibus with hire services in the UK. This is also the only National Minibus Taxi and Coach hire company in the UK to provide transportation solutions to every town and city in the UK. What’s more, its fares are also the lowest that you can find anywhere in the UK.

Taxi Quoter is a minibus for hire company that remains open for business on all seven days in the week. Such twenty-four service makes it very easy to book your minibus from them at any time of the day or night. The company also offers a variety of minibuses for hire including those that can accommodate

  • eight
  •  ten
  • Twelve
  •  Fourteen
  •  sixteen
  • twenty-four passengers
To contact this minibus for hire company you can call 0800 625 0362 or 0207 183 6412 and international callers can dial 00 44 207 183 6412.

1st for Minibus Hire

1st For Minibus Hire is a UK based company that sets the standards as far as quality of its minibuses go. This company has been involved in the travel and transportation industry for several years during which it has supplied customers with the best minibuses for hire.

This company supplies minibuses for hire throughout the UK. If you are a small group that wants to travel in a hired minibus then you can hire a Volkswagen Touran tdi which seats seven people. This minibus for hire company will rent out the VW Touran for just 164.40 GBP per day. You can also rent a Renault Espace seven seat or similar minibus from this company for 155.21 GBP per day. If you are a larger group then you can hire a Ford seventeen seat minibus for 219.02 GBP per day.

For more information, you will need to contact this minibus for hire company at 7 Fidlas Road Llanishen Cardiff CF14 0LW and you can also call 0845 344 1390 to speak to the company’s representatives on the phone.

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