Private Hire Minibus Insurance

If you are looking to deal with private hire minibus insurance companies in the UK, then there are currently three companies that are offering excellent services. The three companies that are providing high quality private hire minibus insurance in the UK today are
  • Wrightsure Insurance Group
  • B Portwood & Co Ltd
  • Staveley Head Limited

Wrightsure Insurance Group

Wrightsure Insurance Group is a leading UK private minibus insurance company that specialises in providing low cost insurance cover to owners of private minibuses in the UK. This company enjoys a reputation for arranging all your private hire minibus insurance requirements and it has a simple philosophy which is to provide the best service, value as well as result to every client.

Wrightsure Insurance Group listens to its customers, analyses and then understands their requirements and then provides customised solutions that are very competitively priced. When you deal with a private hire minibus insurance company like Wrightsure, you are dealing with a company that knows what you need and provides what you need.

Dealing with a company such as this is very beneficial as it will provide you with affordable insurance. It differs from other insurance companies because it is an expert in offering affordable private hire minibus insurance at special rates which other companies are not able to offer.

To contact this private hire minibus insurance company you will need to visit their office at 11&12 Hurricane Drive, Estuary Business Park, Liverpool L24 8RL. You can also call 0151 494 0007 and speak to the company’s representatives on the phone and you can also obtain information regarding the company and its rates by sending an email to the company.

B Portwood & Co Ltd

B Portwood & Co Ltd is a company that sells private hire minibus insurance. This company is authorised and also regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is allowed to arrange and administer non-investment insurance contracts. In order to obtain a quote from this company you will need to provide some personal information such as

  • Name
  • Premises
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • How you found the company
  • No claims bonus (must be available to be used on your minibus)
  • Licensing office
  • Date of birth
In addition, the company also requires information regarding cover and this information includes

  • Cover and excess
  • Value Limit
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Protected bonus
  • Day or night use
  • Vehicle use
You will also be asked to provide driver details including

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Relationship
  • Use
  • Marital status
  • Homeowner
  • Full license
  • Length of taxi experience
  • DSA test pass
  • Accident or claims in five years
  • Convictions in five years
Once you have provided these details as well as details about your minibus, the company will then provide you with a quote.

Staveley Head Limited

Staveley Head Limited is another excellent company that can provide you with excellent private hire minibus insurance quotes in minutes. This is a company that provides the best deals and offers benefits like

  • Exclusive prices
  • Instant documents
To contact this private hire minibus company you can dial 01352 762431 to speak to the company’s representatives on the phone and alternatively you can also contact the company by sending it an email.

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