14 Seater Minibus Hire

Minibus hire refers to the renting or leasing of a minibus or van for a certain period of time, at a specified cost.  Nowadays minibus hire is a popular way to travel for friends and large groups.  However, when hiring a minibus there comes a point where you need to specify your needs, and not wants.  Factors like the number of seats, the baggage capacity and the minimum age requirements should be thought of in advance, and decisions should be made early enough to avoid problems later down the line.

The Different Types of 14 Seater Minibus Hire

14 seater minibus hire comes in two main types, namely, short-term and long-term minibus hire.  Most customers hire 14 seater minibuses for a day or a weekend at most.  Long-term minibus hire refers to a longer period, usually of a month or more.  Businesses are the most likely candidates for this form of hire.  For example, a company may hire a 14 seater minibus to transport workers to and from a company retreat or daily from work.

Other types of 14 seater minibus hire include chauffeured driven hires, luxury hires and private hires.  Chauffeured driven hires come with a driver, provided by the hiring company, to drive the customers to their destination.  Companies offering minibuses often prefer this method in order to minimise the risk of vehicle damage.  Luxury minibus hire is a service mostly used by private schools and large businesses and these types of minibuses are fitted with gadgets that make the trip comfortable.  Private minibus hire is where the company provides the 14 seater minibus and leaves other issues such as a driver to the customer.  This is an option preferred by many however it is more expensive because the company has to increase the price in case the car gets involved in an accident or crash.

UK Companies offering 14 Seater Minibus Hire

There are dozens of companies throughout the UK that offer 14 seater minibus hire.  Some of the more well known companies include:

  • Sixt Minibuses - With a fleet of modern minibuses, Sixt Minibuses offers 14 seater minibuses at a reasonable rate.
  • Taxi Quoter - Taxi Quoter is the only company in the United Kingdom that covers all cities and airports.  Their vision is to provide cheap transportation all over the UK.
  • Naz Minibuses - Ensuring award-winning services since 1996, Naz Minibuses do not discriminate and strive to get the customers what they want.  They have a wide range of minibuses, including 14 seater minibuses.
  • National Minibus Hire - National Minibus Hire has a decade of experience under their belt.  Due to their experience, they know and understand what customers require from a hire service.

The Estimated Costs of 14 Seater Minibus Hire

The cost of hiring a 14 seater minibus differs from one company to the other.  However, basic things that need to be considered are whether the company provides a driver for the customers or not and whether extras are included in the price.  For the basic package, hiring a 14 seater minibus will cost somewhere around £90 per day for a short-term hire.  Longer term hires will be cheaper.

When hiring a minibus, especially for corporate parties, weddings and receptions, the 14 seater minibus is an ideal choice… and it saves the hassle of numerous taxis!

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