16 Seater Minibus Hire

Most minibus hire companies own a diverse fleet of minibuses, ranging from those that can accommodate several people to those that ensure transportation for large travelling groups.  The usual comfort levels range as well, that is clients can choose between standard, corporate, luxury and executive.  Minibus hire is a very popular service and most hire companies will ask you to book at least 24 hours in advance because availability is never certain.  Minibus hire is ideal for transporting various numbers of people, and if you plan on using this option, you need to have a driver who is at least 25 years old with a European Union category D1 driving license.  Minibus hire is the pocket-friendly way to make those short journeys for business or pleasure, both for family or corporate excursions.

The Different Types of 16 Seater Minibus Hire

Comfort levels aside your budget will usually determine what minibus hire you settle for.  Some companies may insist on a return journey arrangement.  Others will offer you single trip options but at a higher rate.  And some companies will not offer one day rentals, only 2 or 3 day hire minimum.  In case you opt for a chauffeur driven service then you would naturally have to meet the driver fees and other charges for the driver’s accommodation for example.  

For long-haul trips, say across Europe, you have to bear in mind that the driver by law is supposed to drive for 4 hours and rest 45 minutes.  The majority of minibus hire companies, incidentally, do not permit journeys across borders, although some do.  You need to find out about this in advance, especially if you need a minibus hire for a tour group.

UK Companies offering 16 Seater Minibus Hire

The 16 seater specification being a standard of sorts, most minibus hire companies offer the service.  The list given here is a representative sample of local and national operators in the minibus hire business for the small, entry-level category:

  • Sixt - This is an international car hire firm with a strong presence in the UK for minibus hire.  They have offices all over the UK.
  • 5th Gear Car Hire - A nationwide service that offers group transport options big and small.
  • Momentum Coach Hire - Another nationwide operator for coach and minibus hire with transport options for groups of between 8 and 88 people.

The Estimated Costs of 16 Seater Minibus Hire

For exact and up-to-date quotes on minibus hire you really need to contact the company of your choice.  The costs vary a lot from one company to another and will usually depend on your travel requirements.  But as a general guide you can take this quote from Sixt for their Ford Transit minibus.  The daily hire cost is a flat rate of £59, but you have to hire the minibus for at least 3 days to get this rate.  For the executive-class minibuses you should expect daily costs of around £295 for single trip, or about £500 for a return trip quote.

The 16 seater minibus offers a convenient option for group transport.  For those corporate work trips and away-days transporting your group in batches of 16 may offer better opportunities for networking and rapport than say in a single 70 seater coach.

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