23 Seater Minibus Hire

There are occasions where we need to get a group of people from A-B without compromising on their comfort.  These occasions like school day trips, camps, family vacations, reunions and special events can mean that hiring a 23-seater minibus is probably your most life saving option.  It relieves a lot of the stress of organising and managing groups of people all in different cars trying to get to the same place.

The Different Types of 23 Seater Minibus Hire

The Mercedes Radia External is an amazing vehicle to travel in.  It’s comfortable, relatively spacious and will suit a tour group for any occasion.  This is also a recognized and well know brand so it’s a great option for special events like weddings.  Also, the Scania OmniExpress is another comfortable 23-seater which has enough space for passengers to travel in style with room in between seat isles (always a welcome factor for the prevention of knee-knocking and close proximity).  If you prefer four wheel driving, then there are a huge range of Land cruiser Wagons, 4X4 Hilux's and Troop Carriers to get you at your destination.  These companies can also include miniature details like UHF radio and GPS for extra security.

UK Companies Offering 23 Seater Minibus Hire

  • Bow Minibus Hire Company - This company runs eight seater, twelve seater, fourteen seater, sixteen seater and twenty-three seater minibuses in London.  They offer transportation services to major airports such as Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton Airport.
  • Silverdale Coach Hire & Tours - Silverdale affords transport services to all major landmarks within the region.  They also provide transport for numerous primary and secondary schools that are situated in the area.
  • Fair Rent Car Hire - This company makes self-drive minibus hire for Woodford visitors and residents, very simple.  They pay attention to detail and have skilled customer service in addition to their first class vehicles.
  • Shy Mini Coaches - This company can help you enjoy a holiday in London.  From North Luton up to the south of London, they have experienced drivers to get you there.

The Estimated Costs of 23 Seater Minibus Hire

There are a number of factors that will determine how much you will pay when hiring a minibus.  For instance, if you want a luxury minibus fully equipped with entertainment systems and toilet amenities, you will pay more.  Even so, some companies offer prices that are as low as £300 per day for a standard hire (not including a driver).

If you need convenient transportation for numerous people, the 23 seater minibus option is one highly worth considering.  Regardless of whether you prefer a luxurious ride, or one that fits within an average budget, there’s a 23-seater minibus out there for you.  Remember to make yourself familiar with your terms and conditions to find out what’s covered and also look into the procedure for accidents and roadside assistance.  However, with these larger carriers, you will most likely have a driver who can handle the logistics for you.

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