24 Seater Minibus Hire

It is always fun to take a trip with the whole family or to get out on the road as part of a school group, a business trip, a camping adventure or simply a big holiday for you and all your friends but it is quite another thing organising it all.  It’s clearly easier to have everybody in one place going to the same destination with plenty of room for luggage and some luxury travel for passengers who quickly get cranky over a lack of space.  This is why hiring a 24 seater minibus can be so helpful in solving a number of problems when it comes to group travel and also a more cost effective option than using multiple cars.

The Different Types of 24 Seater Minibus Hire

There are several forms of minibus hire services offered by affiliate companies.  These include ferry hire, tour hire, long distance hire, private hire and other similar options.  Before you can even begin to plan hiring a minibus that suits your needs, you first have to be fully aware of what exactly those requirements are.  A big question to ask yourself is how many people you are traveling with.  This is necessary in order to hire the right minibus that will accommodate each and every one of your group.  Also, are you looking for the sturdiness of a Ford or the beauty of a Mercedes?  Nissan make great minibuses too!

UK Companies offering 24 Seater Minibus Hire

You have loads of options when it comes to minibus hire in the UK.  Some of the more renowned companies are listed below:

  • Brentford Minibus Hire - This company offers everything from 8 seater to 24 seater minibuses.  They operate in the London area.
  • Brixton Minibus Hire - Brixton Minibus Hire will pick you up from anywhere in the London area and can transport you to airports like Stansted, Heathrow Gatwick and Luton Airport.
  • Bowes Park Minibus Hire – Bowes Park Minibus Hire offer quality transport services in various regions and are situated on the southern edge of the Borough, near the Palmers Green. 
  • London Minibus - London Minibus has established itself as one of the foremost private hiring companies in London.  They specialise in all event and festivity excursions from small taxi transport to huge coaches for special events and meetings.

The Estimated Costs of 24 Seater Minibus Hire

It is difficult to give a specific cost of hiring these minibuses since overall expenses are not standardised.  In fact, the costs vary according to the pick up and drop off locations, peak or off-season usage, the period of hiring and the brand of the vehicle.  It is advisable for individuals that are on a tight budget to ask only for standard features and utilities to avoid spending extra.  

All in all, minibus hire makes for a very convenient method of travelling in large numbers.  It is relatively inexpensive in comparison to taking more than one vehicle and special offers usually apply to long rental periods so there are ways to work around high prices.  Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your safety and the safety of the bus outside of reason because they are equipped with the latest safety features and protected by insurance.

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