6 Seater Minibus Hire

There are many different reasons as to why you may opt for 6 seater minibus hire.  You could be organising a night out on the town for you and four friends and want to make sure you don’t need a designated driver.  Or maybe you are going on holiday with five friends and would like to hire a minibus to be able to ferry you about.  Or possibly you have organised an event and need to transport people to and from the event.  The list is endless!

The Different Types of 6 Seater Minibus Hire

Minibus hire is generally measured in the number of seats.  6 seater minibus hire means that you are hiring a minibus that fits a driver and five passengers.  There are different car makes that offer six seaters including Volkswagen and Ford and generally companies offering 6 seater minibus hire will offer one of these car makes. 

6 seater minibus hire will come in either chauffeur driven, particularly useful for those nights out, or self-drive, in which case there may be some restrictions placed on the driver which may depend on age and the length of time the driver’s licence has been held.

UK Companies Offering 6 Seater Minibus Hire

There are many companies across the United Kingdom that offer 6 seater minibus hire, both chauffer driven and self-drive.  Some companies only operate on a local level, others operate across the United Kingdom and some even offer 6 seater minibus hire abroad, either by you driving the minibus abroad, or by providing you with one in another country through business contacts with other 6 seater minibus hire companies.  Some of the well known companies offering 6 seater minibus hire include:

  • 1st For Minibus Hire
  • National Minibus Hire, offering 6 seater minibus hire all across the United Kingdom.
  • U-Drive, operating across the South West of the United Kingdom.
  • Naz Minibus Hire, offering a 6 seater minibus hire with driver.

The Estimated Cost of 6 Seater Minibus Hire

The cost of 6 seater minibus hire will vary depending a variety of factors.  Firstly, whether you need a chauffeur or are looking for self-drive will make the price change.  Secondly, many companies encourage longer term hire; this is particularly relevant for self-drive 6 seater minibus hire, meaning that the overall daily price can be greatly reduced by entering a longer term hire contract.  Lastly, your physical location in comparison to that of the company will also make the price vary, as you are likely to incur charges for pick up and drop off, both for self-drive and chauffeur driven 6 seater minibus hire.

As you can see, there is a large variety of companies that you could go to for 6 seater minibus hire, whether you are looking for self-drive or chauffeur driven.  This is great news for all of you who are looking for any reason to transport a larger amount of people from one place to another – 6 seater minibus hire could be just what you need.

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