Hire a 12 Seater Minibus

Hiring a minibus can really take the stress out of coordinating travel for a group day out or holiday. Rather than having to arrange for multiple vehicles to arrive and park together, with a minibus the whole group can travel in one car, making the excursion less hassle and more fun. They can also be a great way to organise outings for children.

Minibuses you can hire tend to range from 7 seater people carriers, which tend to have different seating configurations you can choose depending on how many people and how much luggage you need to transport, through to 9, 12 and 15 seater minibuses.  They normally have spacious boots allowing all of your passengers to take a decent amount of luggage.  For most trips, people hire these vehicles self drive, though it is possible to hire a minibus with a driver if nobody in your party can or wants to drive it.

How do I Hire a 12 Seater Minibus?

You can hire a 12 seater minibus either from one of the nation's larger car rental companies, or from a specialist in minibus hire.  The majority of van and car hire firms will have minibuses within their fleet, and as these companies have a network of branches all over the country it is usually easy to get a minibus delivered to you wherever you are in the UK.  Hiring a minibus is exactly the same as hiring a car or van – you will be expected to look after the vehicle and return it with a full tank of petrol.

If you want to hire a 12 seater minibus with a driver, you will need to speak to local travel or coach hire companies.

Which Companies Can I Hire a 12 Seater Minibus From?

There are various companies that will allow you to hire a 12 seater minibus from them, including specialist minibus rental firms and standard car hire companies.  Here is a list of companies who offer self drive minibus hire in the UK:

  • Car Hire UK
  • London Minibus (London and suburbs only)
  • Car Hire 3000
  • Four Motion
  • Reward Van Hire (London and suburbs only)
  • SixT
Some companies that will hire a minibus with driver include:

  • 12 Seater Minibus Hire
  • London Coach (London and suburbs only)
  • National Minibus Hire

How Much does it Cost to Hire a 12 Seater Minibus?

It is worth getting a few different quotes because some companies have special offers (for example weekend rates) that you might be able to take advantage of.  Generally, to hire a minibus self drive you will be looking somewhere in the region of £100 a day, but this can often be less if you go to a budget car hire company or you hire the minibus for a weekend or a week.

Hiring a minibus is an easy way to make transport for your day trip or holiday go smoothly.  Modern minibuses are comfortable and safe, often with features like air conditioning to make your trip even more enjoyable.  Speak to companies in your area to get the best deal on 12 seater minibus hire.

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