Hire a Minibus and Driver

Every year in the UK thousands of people choose to hire a minibus and driver.  The reasons can be anything from family holidays and day tours to business meetings and corporate events.  Minibuses are also commonly used for airport drop offs and pickups as their affordability and the convenience of moving large groups of people in one vehicle is a fantastic alternative to public transport and or numerous cars. 

With the added benefit of a driver to take care of the travel details and to take the stress out of the drive, the decision to hire a minibus and driver is often a sound business decision and a beneficial choice for the budget conscious family.

The Benefits of Choosing to Hire a Minibus and Driver

There are numerous benefits to choosing to hire a minibus hire and driver.  Drivers often monitor the airlines and can help you to arrive at your airport destination at an appropriate time.  They will even make sure to check your flight information for any delays on the day of travel.  Your driver will also maintain contact with you on the day of travel to try to accommodate any last minute changes that may require your travel plans be adjusted such as road blocks or diversions.

Drivers for a day trip can often supply a commentary and personalised recommendations of places to visit when using the minibus for a tour or day trip.  This can make any sightseeing trip of any duration much more interesting and informative for all those travelling on the bus and is the perfect alternative to often more expensive organised tours.

Business customers can enjoy the flexibility of continuing with work whilst being driven to their business meetings, training courses or industry seminars.  With Wi-Fi available in many hired minibuses, these events can be held anywhere in the country and valuable work time need not be lost due to travelling.  With the additional comfort of refreshments and air-conditioning, hiring a minibus with a driver can make a long distance business trip an opportunity to discuss company policies or upcoming projects.

The Cost of Hiring a Minibus and Driver

Contrary to what may be thought, the cost of hiring a minibus and driver is not as expensive as you may imagine.  Depending on the size of your party, the appropriate sized bus can be chosen to ensure that everyone is able to be seated safely and comfortably.  The luggage area in most minibuses is usually very generous, creating room not only for passengers and their personal bags, but for other equipment such as projectors or computers.

When the total cost of hiring a minibus is divided amongst the number of passengers and freight being carried, and the convenience of continuing to work whilst travelling in the bus is taken into consideration, the cost becomes a justified budget expenditure.  Most companies will however ask you to contact them to receive a personalised quote.

For the business or the personal customer, choosing to hire a minibus with a driver may prove to be a cheaper option than others such as self drive minibus hire or using several cars travelling in convoy to the same destination.  It is a much more comfortable way to travel too!

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