Hire a Minibus Self Drive

If you are planning a trip for a group of people, whether it be a visit somewhere with a group of school children, or a camping holiday in France with some friends, hiring a minibus is often the best solution to getting everybody to the same place at the same time, in comfort and safety.  Many taxi firms offer minibuses and people carriers with a driver at their normal rates for large parties, which can be the cheapest way to get a group of people out for the night or to an airport, but usually you will hire the minibus from a vehicle rental service, with or without a driver, for a day or more.

If you hire a minibus self drive you can cut the cost of your trip because you won't need to have a driver, and you can often agree to share the driving with other people in your party if it is a long distance that you and your minibus need to cover.

How do I Hire a Minibus Self Drive?

Hiring a minibus self drive is easy, and is much like hiring a car or van.  You may also like to enquire with any local schools, churches or sports clubs to see if they own a minibus you could have use of, providing everything is OK from an insurance point of view this can often be the cheapest way to hire a minibus, and they are often happy to help, especially if the event you want the minibus for is in aid of a good cause.

If you need to privately hire one from a company, you may find some local firms operating in your area who can rent you a minibus, or if not, you will find that a lot of the big names in car hire have larger vehicles like people carriers and minibuses in their fleets that you can hire from the nearest office they have to you.  They will usually deliver the minibus to your door and collect it after the rental period, as well.

Which Companies Can I Hire a Minibus Self Drive From?

Most of the larger national and European car rental companies will have the facility for you to hire a minibus self drive, so contact those with offices in your local area for some quotes.  Some companies which offer nationwide minibus rentals include:

  • A1 National Van Hire
  • Naz Minibus Hire
  • SixT
  • Enterprise
  • Thrifty
The cost will vary depending on the length of the rental period, the size of minibus you need, and whether you will be taking it outside of the UK.  You will generally find it is more expensive than normal car hire, but not by a drastic amount.

Minibus trips can be economical and fun, so if you are planning a group holiday or a social outing, then do consider the option of hiring a minibus self drive for the trip – it can take a lot of the strain out of coordinating everybody to arrive where they need to be at the same time and modern minibuses are safe and comfortable.

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