How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Minibus

Planning a day trip, weekend break or holiday for a medium sized group can be quite difficult to coordinate if everybody travels separately.  You need to get everybody to the same place at the same time, which can often mean quite a lot of confusion and waiting around, and then you need to find parking for all of your cars, which can be difficult and expensive at a lot of popular places.  Hiring a minibus makes the whole thing a lot simpler, and in many ways a lot more fun, because everybody travels and arrives together.  It can also be cheaper than you think to hire a minibus for a day, weekend or longer, with many companies offering budget hire and special discounts.

How Much does it Cost to Hire a Minibus: How do I Hire a Minibus?

Before you can work out how much does it cost to hire a minibus for your planned trip, you need to establish the size of vehicle you need.  Remember to consider how much luggage people are likely to want to bring too – most minibuses have enough luggage space for around 1 suitcase per person (so a 9 seater will have room for 9 suitcases), so for a longer holiday you may want to consider getting a slightly larger minibus so people can comfortably bring more stuff.  Also consider the specifications you will want for the minibus – if you are going on a summer trip to the South of France in it, chances are you will want air conditioning to make the trip more comfortable.

How Much does it Cost to Hire a Minibus: Which Companies can I Hire a Minibus From?

If you want to hire your minibus on a self drive basis, many of the larger car and van hire places will have minibuses of different sizes in their fleet which you can arrange to hire.  Some examples of companies that offer this include:

  • London Minibus (London and suburbs only)
  • Reward Van Hire (London and suburbs only)
  • Four Motion
  • Car Hire 3000
  • Car Hire UK
  • Thrifty
  • National Car Hire
  • SixT
If you want to rent a minibus complete with its own driver for your trip, some companies which offer this include:

  • London Coach (London and suburbs only)
  • 12 Seater Minibus Hire
  • National Minibus Hire

How Much does it Cost to Hire a Minibus: Getting Quotes

The cost of hiring a minibus varies greatly depending on whether you opt for self drive or with driver, how large the minibus you want is, and how long and to where you will be taking it.  Once you have worked out the details of your trip and know what you want, the next step in finding out how much does it cost to hire a minibus is to talk to some companies that operate in your area for quotes.  It is always worth getting more than one quote, because different companies have different vehicles in their fleets and some have special deals that may help you to save money.  As a very rough guideline, you can probably get a 12 seater minibus in the region of £100 for a day trip.  Rentals are usually cheaper per day for weekends or for whole weeks than just for one day.

Hiring a minibus is just as easy as hiring a car or van, so next time you are planning something fun to do with your friends or family, consider getting some quotes for minibus hire to make the trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

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