How Much is it to Hire a Minibus

Hiring a minibus can be an inexpensive and often fun way to travel.  It is the easiest way to get a group of people to a place together, and without having to worry about parking multiple vehicles.  It can also be a really good way to organise outings for children, as they can enjoy riding in the minibus with their friends and it is easy to keep an eye on them when they are all safely belted in together.

How to Hire a Minibus

There are several ways to get hold of a minibus, and which you choose will depend on what you want from your trip and how long you need the minibus for.  Sometimes, you can be lucky and arrange to borrow a minibus from a local school, sports club or even church, as these types of organisations often own minibuses they don't use all that often.  Providing their insurance covers it, they may be willing to lend you the minibus for your trip for little or no cost, especially if you are organising a trip for children or the elderly.

For short trips you can often get a taxi service with a larger vehicle, like a minibus or a people carrier (which will usually seat 7) from your preferred local taxi firm.  If you want the use of your own minibus for a day or more, then the rental options available to you are to either hire a minibus self drive from a car rental company, or hire a minibus with driver, usually from a travel or coach company.

How Much is it to Hire a Minibus instead of a Taxi?

If you are wondering how much is it to hire a minibus from your local taxi firm, then it is usually the same rate as a regular taxi, though the trip will come to more in total because there is normally a fixed extra fee for each additional passenger (of around 40p per person, depending on your local taxi rates), and with a people carrier or minibus you will have more passengers than in a standard car.

How Much is it to Hire a Minibus Self Drive?

Hiring a minibus self drive from a car rental company is more expensive than hiring a normal car (not including luxury or executive cars) but it will depend on the size of vehicle (in terms of seats) how much extra this will be.  Get the smallest minibus available that will accommodate your party, and get a few quotes before you decide which company to get your minibus from – as with car hire, the costs can vary a lot, and the cheaper budget car hire companies are also often the cheapest for minibuses.  Some national car hire companies you might want to try include:

  • SixT
  • Thrifty
  • Enterprise
  • Avis
  • EasyCar

How Much is it to Hire a Minibus with Driver?

The cost of minibus hire with a driver will depend, again, on how large a minibus you opt for, but most significantly on how long your trip is going to be and where you are going.  You may need to pay the expenses for the driver to stay overnight as part of the package if the trip will last two or more days.  Hiring a minibus with a driver is significantly more expensive than hiring a minibus self drive.

Hiring a minibus can be a really good group travel solution, and by choosing the type of hire most suited to your group and trip and then seeking out quotes you can often get a very good deal.  It is usual for people going on this sort of trip to share the cost of the transport (or for some events to factor how much it is to hire a minibus into the cost of a place on the trip), so it is best to get the quotes well in advance so you can let everybody know how much they can expect to pay.

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