Hire a Minibus

If you a planning a trip for a group of people, whether it be a school trip, a day trip with a club or other social group, or a touring holiday, a minibus can be the ideal vehicle to choose, as it is generally cheaper than a coach or bus, and you have complete control over when and where you go. You can also hire a minibus with a driver instead of a normal taxi from many taxi hire companies, so if you are going for a night out and there are more than four of you, it is often better to ask for this than to get multiple cars.

How do I Hire a Minibus?

If you want a minibus just for a short trip, and you don't need them to wait around to take you home, the cheapest thing to do is to order a minibus from a local taxi company just as you would a normal cab.  This is usually the same price as your normal taxi fare, though there is usually a fixed surcharge (normally around 40p) per passenger, so you will find that it costs slightly more as you will have more people in the minibus than in a standard car.  Taxi hire companies usually don't have too many of these vehicles, so it is better to call longer in advance than you would for a standard cab if it is a busy time like a Saturday night.  If you are going to an airport, ask the taxi company if they offer any special fixed rates for the trip, and the return trip too if applicable, as many firms do.

If you wish to hire a minibus to drive yourself for a day or longer, then you will need to hire it from a car or van rental company.  There are many of these which operate nationwide, and you should be able to find one with an office locally.  Most will deliver the minibus to you and collect it at the end of the period you opt to hire the minibus for.  You can also hire a minibus much in the same way you would hire a coach, if nobody in your party wishes to drive it but you want the driver for a longer period than you would use a taxi for.

Which Companies Can I Hire a Minibus From?

For driven minibus hire, talk to your favourite local taxi companies.  For self drive, some of the larger vehicle rental companies which can offer minibuses for hire include:

  • A1 National Van Hire
  • Thrifty
  • SixT
  • Enterprise
  • Naz Minibus Hire
If you need a minibus with a driver for a longer period than you would hire a taxi for, then there are some companies that hire minibuses and coaches with drivers:

  • National Minibus Hire
  • People 2 Places
  • Swinton Travel
  • Impact Coach Hire
The cost of the trip will vary depending on which type of minibus hire you go for, how long you need the minibus and (if applicable) driver for, and whether or not you will be taking it out of the country.  Minibus hire can, however, still be one of the cheapest ways to arrange a group outing or holiday.

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