Minibus Drivers

One might think that minibus drivers are responsible for the safety of just himself and his passengers, but that's not so. Minibus drivers also need to pay attention to the other road users. This includes not only other drivers but also pedestrians who may be crossing the street. This may seem like a daunting task given the multi-tasking that's involved so let's outline some simple safety tips for minibus drivers to remember while plying their trade.

Phone Use:

Not only is the use of mobile phones while driving not an advisable practice, in most places it is illegal. Because of the commercial usage of minibuses, it may be allowable to use a mobile earpiece, but this should be for emergency situations only. Both hands should be on the wheel while driving and it has been proven that reaction times are greatly reduced while on the phone. Minibus drivers are responsible for their passengers and therefore should not do anything which would put them into jeopardy.


As with any vehicle, minibus drivers need to make sure that their minibus is regularly serviced. Minibuses are often on the road for most of the day and can therefore suffer a greater amount of wear and tear than a personal vehicle. Special attention should be paid to things like the braking system and indicator lights. Ideally the minibus should be sent in for a monthly check. This can be reduced depending on how often the vehicle is in use.


Minibus drivers aren't like other vehicle operators. Minibuses are larger than regular automobiles and, as such, special care needs to be taken when parking. It is important to park in such a way that other vehicles aren't obstructed. This is especially crucial at night. If one is going to be in the vehicle, it's a good idea to leave the side and rear lights on.


Automobile drivers are advised to stay at least one car length behind the vehicle driving in front. Minibus drivers need to ensure that this distance is even greater since, as it is a larger vehicle, a minibus will take a longer time to come to a complete stop. This is especially important when road conditions are not at their best, such as in heavy rains or snow.


Minibus drivers know that passengers are notorious for distracting attention from the road. For this reason it is crucial that passengers be properly informed of what they should and should not do. Minibus drivers should also outline any penalties for breaking the travel rules. It is important that passengers remain calm and stay seated. Conversation with the driver should be discouraged, unless it's pertinent questions about the trip or other related matters.

Minibus drivers should make every attempt to avoid having an accident. Not only can they be costly in terms of human damage but also material damage. Most likely it's the insurance company which will have to pay for repairs and this can send the premiums right up. All minibus drivers should know that having a no-claims bonus can save lots of money.

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