Minibus Hire and Driver

The next time you and your family or your office are planning a special event, why not consider the luxury of organising a minibus hire and driver to take you to your special event together.  Imagine travelling to a musical theatre event or a family wedding and beginning the excitement of the event by being picked up from a central location and being chauffeured by a professional driver to your event.

Why Choose a Minibus Hire and Driver?

Hiring a minibus makes sense when group travel must be organised.  Minibuses are the ideal way to carry passengers in excess of 8 people who are each travelling to the same location.  The process of organising a pickup is as simple as contacting the company with details of passenger numbers, budget and distance to be travelled.  The company will provide an appropriate minibus to suit the reason for the hire and to ensure that you arrive at your destination with your fellow passengers relatively stress free and safely.

Minibuses are available in standard or executive models and are fitted out accordingly in the interior.  Whether you are planning a special family event such as a wedding or if you are planning an all day tour or a journey to a conference or workshop, a minibus will make your travel plans simple and cost effective.  Some executive models come equipped with Wi-Fi which creates the perfect solution to the need for work to continue en route to a business conference or satellite office in another part of the country.  Travellers to the UK will appreciate the availability of drivers who can also provide an exhaustive travel commentary for all day sightseeing trips to famous London sights and buildings.

How to Choose a Minibus Hire and Driver

If you have not used a minibus hire service previously, consider asking your family, friends or work colleagues if they know of a company they can recommend.  There are many services available to choose from and recommendations are a good way of making an easy choice amongst services.  If you cannot use a recommended service, then consider some of the following, which are a small selection of the many available:

  • Executive Minibus Hire located in Essex, provides minibuses and drivers to locations throughout the UK.
  • UK Chauffeur Services provide minibuses for hire to all locations throughout the UK including cities and all major airports.
  • Practical Car and Bus Rental service all locations in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Cost of Minibus Hire and Driver

The cost of minibus driver and hire will depend on the type of vehicle you choose, the number of seats it offers and the distance and duration of your trip.  Quotes are usually provided on application.  Some companies offer features such as a driver free of charge - this may reduce the overall cost to you the consumer at time of booking.

Minibus hire and driver services are the ideal way to attend a special function, sight see or otherwise travel to a destination, whilst travelling with a group.  Whatever the event or the purpose of the hire, minibuses are an extremely comfortable and stress free way of travelling in a group together.

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