13 Seat Minibus Hire

A minibus is the ideal mode of transport for any group looking to travel together. Different bus sizes can cater to different sized groups and provide a comfortable journey with leg and head room aplenty. The UK is one of the best served countries in Europe for minibus hire and provides excellent options in all sizes.

13 seat minibus hire may prove hard to find if you are looking for a standard minibus but luxury and executive buses do often come in this size.

13 seat minibus hire on a standard vehicle

Most companies offering minibuses on both self-drive and with driver terms tend to provide 12, 15 and 17 seater buses but not 13 seaters. This will likely mean you will need to opt for the 15 seater. There are many benefits to doing this. The first is the extra space afforded, with two seats spare in a 15 seater you are able to fit more luggage into the vehicle; you are also able to enjoy the spacious seating area that the a larger vehicle brings.

Vehicle rental companies do not charge for the hire of their minibuses on a per person basis and there is a set rate for each sized bus. This means the cost of a 15 seater can still be a cheap method of travel once the cost of hire is spread evenly amongst the passengers.

Searching for 13 seat minibus hire will often lead you to companies providing 15 seaters. This type of minibus is generally the most popular with both customers and business and most rental firms will have more than one model of this sized vehicle in stock throughout the year.

Luxury 13 seat minibus hire benefits

13 seat minibus hire is available in luxury vehicles as they are different in layout to a standard Ford Transit of VW Minibus. Luxury minibuses are mostly larger vehicles with fewer seats, therefore more leg room for passengers. Luxury minibus hire is the ultimate way to travel and is used regularly by sports teams and corporate businesses. Each passenger will have an individual seat with reclining capabilities and finest upholstery, also featured will be a number of extras to ensure passengers remain comfortable and entertained throughout the journey, these include:

  • TV and DVD player
  • CD player with sound system
  • Mini bar or fridge for refreshments
Some buses will also contain toilet facilities which are ideal for longer trips. Luxury minibus hire is mostly done so as a ‘with driver’ service as opposed to self-drive. Drivers will be fully trained and experienced to ensure the trip is as smooth as possible and that passengers expectations are met.

Luxury 13 seat minibus hire is likely to cost more than a standard minibus and is also not as easily accessible. Most companies will only have one or two of this type of bus in a fleet and early booking will be required. Early bookings can also work to the customer’s advantage as discounts can be had from booking in advance.

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