20 Seat Minibus Hire

Hiring a minibus is the perfect solution for travelling together as a group. Different sizes of minibus are available to cater to various group sizes and provide an excellent and cost effective method of getting from one location to another. 20 seat minibus hire is the perfect sized bus for large groups travelling over long distances and ample leg and head room is afforded to each passenger. 20 seat minibuses are perfect for all types of groups and are used for by both businesses and domestic customers throughout the year on a regular basis.

Where to find 20 seat minibus hire

The best place to find minibus hire regardless of the size is to use the internet. The UK is home to hundreds of minibus rental firms with thousands of branches in every corner of the map; the internet is can provide access to all of these companies in seconds. Most of the large rental firms will also provide online booking facilities, ideal for booking a vehicle at any hour of the day or night.

The downside is that some company fleets are larger than others and 20 seat minibus hire is not one of the most widely available options. Many companies have a fleet of minibuses which will jump from 16 seaters to 23 or 24 seaters; you may find the need to have to opt for a larger bus to accommodate your group. The plus side to this is that much more room will be available which can be utilised for luggage space. Another benefit is that a large bus will still be a cheaper option than other methods of travel such as train, plane or two smaller minibuses. Dividing the cost equally between the passengers will only amount to a couple of pounds extra per person.

20 minibus hire is rarely available as a self-drive option and when it is the driver will be required to hold a PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) licence, knowing this can help narrow your search to just ‘with driver’ companies. You should for a large provider of minibuses and someone that is able to cater to your requirements. Using the websites coachbroker.co.uk and nationalminibushire.co.uk is a good way of finding companies across the country that can provide 20 seat minibus hire.

Recommended minibus companies

Coachbroker.co.uk is a leading nationwide provider of minibuses and coaches of all sizes and regularly provides a wide variety of clients from all parts of the UK with excellent minibuses. Customer service advisors are experienced in finding the best minibus for your requirements and have one of the largest fleets in the country to choose from.

National Minibus Hire may also be of benefit to you in the search for 20 seat minibus hire. They can also access a wide range of minibuses to suit your requirements. They are able to supply vehicles complete with an experienced driver 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Both of these websites have access to online quotations and can cater to your exact travel preferences.

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