21 Seat Minibus Hire

Enjoying the smooth ride and comfortable surroundings of a minibus is one of the best ways to travel to a destination. It also allows you to stay together as a group during transport which is something not guaranteed when travelling by plane or train. 21 seat minibus hire is one of the cheapest ways to travel together in a large group and is a much better alternative than using two smaller minibuses or opting for multiple taxis. However, finding a 21 seat minibus may prove tougher than other sizes of minibus.

Finding 21 seat minibus hire

21 seat minibus hire is not as common as other buses and many companies tend to stock 23 and 24 seaters; these can be a good option of minibus as an alternative to a 21 seater and will not cost too much more in terms of hire price. Choosing a 23 or 24 seater will provide you with an abundance of leg and head room as-well as air conditioning. This size of bus is used predominantly for long haul trips and is designed so that passengers are comfortable and settled throughout the journey.

The 21 seat buses that are available are generally manufactured by Mercedes. As with all Mercedes vehicles, 21 seat minibuses have an executive feel and fitted with luxurious interior. Some of the Mercedes 21 seaters may be advertised as ‘luxury 21 seat minibus hire’, this will provide you with a vehicle that offers numerous features to entertain passengers. LCD televisions and DVD player often come as standard with luxury bus and passengers can enjoy tables, kitchen and bathroom facilities and entertainment such as iPod docking stations and games consoles with power points throughout the vehicle.

When conducting your search, if ’21 seat minibus hire’ is returning no results it could be wise to try searching for ’21 seat mini coach hire’. Coach companies may have access to a range of 21 seat vehicles that are similar to a minibus in size but more like a coach in appearance, these are often advertised as mini coaches and will include the same features found on a minibus.

Minibus driver

21 seat minibus hire is rarely available on a self –drive basis, this means you will need to search for hire that comes with a driver. A driver should carry the correct licence to operate a vehicle of this size; this should be a Passenger Carrying Vehicle Licence. He should also be experienced in transporting large groups of people and make the journey as smooth as possible.

Many of the modern minibuses are equipped with GPS and Satellite Navigation systems; these are beneficial to both passengers and driver as they can map out the best route to a chosen destination and help you to avoid any road works or traffic hotspots. Drivers are trained to act in the same way as a chauffeur and will help load and unload all passenger luggage. Having a driving can add to the overall experience and allow passengers to relax and enjoy the journey in comfort.

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