22 Seat Minibus Hire

When travelling to a destination as a group, the best way to do so is by hiring a minibus. The minibus is versatile, eco-friendly and cost effective. It also allows a group of up to 24 people travel together; this is something that is not provided by any other travel method. 22 seat minibus hire offers excellent travel benefits with passengers able to relax in seats which come with foot and arm rests will ample room for legs and head.

Planning your travel

22 seat minibus hire is a very in-demand size of bus; this size of vehicle is also rare when compared to smaller minibuses, because of this it is more than likely that you will need to book early to get the bus on your preferred dates.

Minibus hire is popular throughout the year but bookings do tend to increase during summer months when groups travel on holiday and when numerous stag and hen parties are arranged. The Christmas period is also a busy time of the year for minibus hire with end of year office parties being held and schools trips to pantomimes are popular. If you are planning travel during any of these periods then booking in advance is essential.

Booking in advance for 22 seat minibus hire will require you to have all of your travel plans to hand; this will help you to receive an accurate quote for hire. It is wise to have a second set of travel dates in case the minibus is already taken on your preferred date.

For longer journeys it may be beneficial to have something to keep passengers entertained, children especially become restless on long journeys and a TV/DVD and a CD player can help to keep them settled. Any extras may be charged as such and you may need to request them when gathering quotes.

Adults travelling on hen and stag parties may like the option to consume alcohol during transport; many companies will only allow this on special request and an excess charge or deposit may be required to cover the bus should any damage occur due to alcohol.

22 seat minibus hire is available in both standard and luxury models; a luxury model can be an excellent choice longer journeys as kitchen and bathroom facilities are often provided. Booking ahead is a must for this type of vehicle.

Hidden costs when hiring

Anyone gathering quotes for 22 seat minibus hire is going to want the lowest cost hire possible without affecting the quality of service and standard of the vehicle. Some companies will provide a quote that on the face of it seems to be the most appealing, thus enticing your custom. Having committed to hire, you are then stung with the extra hidden costs such as VAT and charges for extra features. When asking for a quote you should ask if the price given is the one that you will pay and includes all necessary charges, doing this will prevent you being left with a short fall.

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