23 Seat Minibus Hire

Thousands of minibuses are seen on the streets of Britain each day; the benefits of this kind of vehicle are often taken for granted such is their commonness. A minibus is the best way of travelling as a group, unlike rail and air travel; a minibus can be booked over the phone or online in minutes and delivered to your door within the hour. Minibus travel does not have the frustration when your transport is late nor does involve the long and time consuming check-in procedure and waiting times. 23 seat minibus hire is suitable for both long and short distance trips and has no preference on what type of group can travel.

Benefits of 23 seat minibus hire

23 seat minibus hire is at the top end of minibus size availability, it is an excellent option for all kinds of group and is regularly relied upon by sports teams and corporate executives for travel to numerous events; this is because of the space afforded to passengers when seated and the luxury interior. A 23 minibus has the appearance and amenities of a smaller bus but with the advantage of features generally only associated with larger vehicles, it is the perfect blend between a 15 seat minibus and a 59 seat coach.

Standard minibuses that are available on smaller 17 seat models are dropped in favour of executive and luxury models with the 23 seaters. They are designed for long distance travel and a standard minibus would not be suited. Executive and luxury 23 seaters will include ample seating space with each passenger having an individual seat including head, foot and arm rest. Reclining seats, tinted windows and curtains are also as standard to allow passengers to sleep during overnight travel; air conditioning will also be as standard with a fan above every seat.

Passengers are entertained with a host of features including:

  • TV and DVD
  • Fridge/bar and kitchen facilities
  • Microwave
  • Wash room facilities
  • CD player
  • iPod docking station
There are also numerous power points and thirteen amp sockets so that passengers are able to plug in a mobile phone or laptop.

Finding 23 seat minibus hire

23 seater minibuses are not as widely available as smaller minibuses such as the 9-17 seaters, their size and luxury interior means that most companies that provide them only have one in the fleet, and this will make booking early extremely important.

Finding a company with access to a large fleet of vehicles is generally your best bet in finding a 23 seat minibus. Companies that provide nationwide coverage are a good choice as they are usually able to access vehicles from across the UK. Two companies that do provide modern and high standard 23 seat minibus hire are National Minibus Hire and Naz Minibuses.

Both companies are well-known for providing a high level of service and can provide you with your chosen vehicle 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Both companies can cover the whole of the UK.

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