24 Seat Minibus Hire

Minibuses are the best way to travel as a group to a destination anywhere in the UK or Europe; they are comfortable, versatile and cost effective with travel per person costing much less than any of the alternative travel methods on the market. 24 seat minibus hire is the top end of the minibus range, it is often the elite vehicle in a company’s fleet and is often in high demand.

Benefits of 24 seat minibus hire

A 24 seat minibus is the largest minibus available; a vehicle with any more seats is classed as a coach. Some rental companies advertise a 24 seater minibus as a mini coach and this could be a good search tip when looking for hire.

A 24 seater is the perfect blend of a small minibus and a large coach; it provides the driver with a vehicle that can be handled much the same as smaller minibus and passengers the space and features commonly associated with larger vehicles.

Space is the 24 seaters main benefit; each seat is a fair distance away from the one in-front which gives every passenger the leg room needed when travelling long distance.

Benefits also come in the form of features such as TV and DVD, CD players and games consoles along with the necessary items for long distance travel such as washroom facilities.

Safety aspects of a 24 seat minibus

When looking for 24 seat minibus hire or a vehicle of any kind, the aspect of safety is an important one. All vehicle manufacturers and rental companies have a duty to provide both drivers and passengers with a safe vehicle. Modern minibuses are now safer than ever before and this has been enhanced with the inclusion of a three point seatbelt system in place of the lap seatbelts. Every seat in a modern minibus will be fitted with a three point seatbelt which can be adjusted to suit both adults and children.

Minibuses will need to be serviced on regular occasions and thoroughly inspected prior to every hire. This should be done by trained mechanics, companies using VOSA licenced testers are beneficial.

VOSA stands for Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and provide licencing, testing and enforcement services with the aim of ensuring that all vehicles are road worthy. A company with VOSA testers will give peace of mind to both drivers and passengers.

Finding 24 seat minibus hire

24 seater minibuses are very in demand vehicles and customers are advised to book early, fortunately for natives and visitors of the UK, there is an excellent market, with companies spread across Britain.

Finding the best quote possible can take shopping around, some companies ten to provide generic quotes without adding any extras you may require, this can mislead customers and provide you with an unrealistic price. It is important to be clear on what you exactly you need from your 24 seat minibus hire service and ask for a quote that includes the price of any extras and VAT.

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