6 Seat Minibus Hire

A minibus is one of the most widely used methods of transport in the UK for groups looking to travel together. They are affordable and convenient which is a reason that many people opt for the minibus as an alternative to other travel options such as car, train or airplane. A popular choice of minibus is the 6 seater which is used by groups travelling all over the UK on holidays, stag and hen parties and to various events.

Features of 6 seat minibuses

When looking for 6 seat minibus hire a good place to search look is for companies that provide car hire. Most 6 seat minibuses are classed as people carriers or multi passenger carriers and are found amongst fleets of cars.
Common 6 seater minibuses include models such as the Vauxhall Zafira and Ford Galaxy which can also hold seven people. Luggage capacity with 6 seat minibus hire will be minimal when compared with large vehicles, light packing is advisable unless alternative methods of luggage transport are available. Many of the modern 6 seater minibuses are fully air conditioned and include a CD player with MP3 capability, these features are excellent for long trips and leg room is also afforded so that passengers can enjoy the journey in comfort. 

Hiring a 6 seat minibus

There are generally two choices available with 6 seat minibus hire, self-drive or with driver, each choice has its own benefits. Self-drive will mean hiring the minibus to be driven yourself. 6 seat minibus hire can be done on a standard car driving licence and is beneficial as hire time periods are more flexible. A 6 seater handles much the same as a regular car is an excellent option for anyone not confident with a larger vehicle. Self-drive gives you the benefit of being able to travel where you want without being restricted by the hours a driver is available. Hiring self-drive can also be a cheaper option as there are no driver’s wages to cover.

Choosing the option of 6 seat minibus hire with a driver can be beneficial to groups travelling one way, such as airport transfers and nights out. It is also a good option for anyone that is unfamiliar with driving this type of vehicle; a private hire driver will be experienced and have a good knowledge of the local area. This will ensure you get to your required destination safe and on time.
Although choosing to hire with a driver may cost more than self-drive, there is no need to take out any insurance or put down a deposit. Most self-drive rental companies will require a deposit or collision damage waiver from the customer; a deposit can often cost £250-£500 and is forfeited should any damage occur to the vehicle whilst in your possession, private hire means responsibility for your safety lies with the company.

Self-drive 6 seat minibus hire does give more options in extras that can be chosen, one popular choice is overseas travel which is offered by many of the national companies.

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