7 Seat Minibus Hire

7 seat minibus hire is one of the most popular methods of transport in the UK; holiday makers, corporate companies and party goers use these minibuses on a daily basis and they offer numerous benefits. Flexibility is something that is most appealing about the 7 seater minibus; this is especially true when hired on a self-drive basis. Most companies specialising in minibus and car rental will have a 7 seater in their fleet. They can be hired from as little as half a day and as long as five years in some cases, and this benefits both private and business companies.

A 7 seat minibus is also cheap to hire, and when compared to alternative methods of travel, often works out as the most cost effective and economical.

Types of 7 seat minibus

There are numerous options available when looking for 7 seat minibus hire; this size of vehicle is also known as a MPV or Multi Passenger Vehicle. The most widely used 7 seaters on the market; especially with self-drive rentals are the Ford Galaxy and Vauxhall Zafira.

The Ford Galaxy is seen as the most accommodating 7 seat vehicle on the market and is perfect for groups of adults and children in equal measure. It is sleek in design and spacious while all the time providing an excellent driving experience. New models of the Galaxy are light and airy allowing passengers to enjoy the journey in comfort; there is also a CD play and DAB quality radio so that everyone on-board the vehicle is kept entertained. The Ford Galaxy is also a popular choice of vehicle for being environmentally conscious and achieving maximum miles per gallon.

The rival to the Ford Galaxy is the Vauxhall Zafira which is also a regularly chosen 7 seat minibus. The Zafira is similar to the Galaxy in many ways and allows travelling to be done in comfort and driving to be done in style. Zafira’s are a good choice for self-drive 7 seat minibus hire as they provide high safety levels and numerous airbags for both driver and front passenger.

Hiring a 7 seat minibus

Choosing the type of 7 seat minibus hire that is best suited to your requirements will depend on what you need from the vehicle. Minibuses can be hired over different periods of time and with or without a driver.

Hiring self-drive will give you more options in what you can do and where you can go with the vehicle whereas minibus with driver rentals will give you the experience and local knowledge of a driver.

If you are looking to for a local airport transfer or are going for a night on the town, private 7 seat minibus hire will be the best option. This is because you will only need the vehicle for a short period of time to go one way.

If you looking to travel around the country or are planning on using a 7 seat minibus hire for overseas travel, self-drive will prove the best option as you are not restricted by a driver.

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