Minibus Hire By Seats

Minibus hire is extremely popular in the United Kingdom for people who are looking for a night out away from their own town or village.  If you go out with a large group of people, hiring a minibus is often much cheaper than using a taxi, particularly since you may need more than one taxi to transport everybody.  And, of course, it means there is no need for you to have a designated driver either!  It is also possible to hire a self-drive minibus, in which case you will be required to have a designated driver.  It is important, in this case, to check whether or not you need a specialist licence, particularly for the larger minibuses.

What Types of Minibuses are Available?

There are many different types of minibuses available for hire and they are generally measured in minibus hire by seats, indicating the amount of people that fit in the minibus – plus the driver.  So for example, a seven seater minibus will fit a driver and six passengers.

What is The Cost of Minibus Hire by Seats?

The cost of minibus hire by seats will depend on exactly that: the number of seats.  The more seats you require, the more expensive your minibus hire by seats will become.  There is also a difference in prices depending on the area of the United Kingdom you live in, which is in line with taxi prices, for example.

Companies offering Minibus Hire by Seats

There are companies all across the United Kingdom that offer minibus hire by seats.  Some of the better known companies are:

  • Nationwide Hire UK, who offer self-drive minibus hire by seats for 15 and 17 seat minibus hire.
  • Sixt, who offer minibus hire by seats for self-drive contracts and offer a range of minibuses, ranging from a 5 seater Volkswagen Touran to a 17 seater Ford Transit.
  • Rainbow Coach Hire in Billingham, offering minibus hire by seats with driver, including coach hire up to 70 seats.
  • People 2 Places, who offer minibus hire by seats with driver all across the United Kingdom.  This company is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and they are happy to help whether you are looking for a night out with some friends or a corporate affair for 300 people.
As you can see, there is a variety of minibus hire by seats available all across the United Kingdom.  Some companies offer minibuses specifically for self-drive, meaning that you will need someone in your party to have the appropriate licence.  Often, companies will also require the driver to be at least of a certain age, so these are all things to watch out for.  Other companies offer minibus hire by seats including a driver, which are particularly relevant if you are organising an event, whether it be a hen night with 16 of your best girlfriends or a business day out for the entire company consisting of over 200 people.  Minibus hire by seats companies operate all across the United Kingdom, so you should have no issues finding a company that suits all your needs.

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