Minibus Hire Driver

Group or family travel overseas can be easier to plan than organising the details to take the group to the airport.  If a large number of people are involved, an easy solution to the travel dilemma is minibus hire, driver included.  Likewise, visitors to the UK who are travelling as a group will appreciate the convenience of hiring a minibus and being driven to their accommodation no matter where in the UK that accommodation may be located.  Many minibuses come with comforts such as DVD players and air-conditioning ensuring comfortable and stress free relaxing travel for all members or delegates.

What is Included in a Minibus Hire Driver Package?

Group travel of greater than 8 passengers can be easily accommodated in a minibus.  Bigger buses are available for larger groups.  The convenience of the inclusion of a driver in many package deals ensures that travel in a minibus for any purpose or to any location can be both comfortable and effortless.  A professional service and experienced drivers, state of the art GPS systems and large luggage areas ensure that travel to and from important events may be undertaken with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Where Can I Find a Minibus Hire Driver Service?

If extended family or work colleagues have used a minibus hire driver-included service before, they may be able to recommend businesses they have used in the past.  England has a large range of companies offering minibus hire services and most of these include a driver in their hiring costs.  Some of these companies include:

  • Executive Minibus Ltd located in Essex and servicing all major airports and London
  • National Bus Company providing hire services to England, Scotland and Wales 
  • Coachbrokers have their head office in Cardiff but provide services at affordable prices throughout the United Kingdom.

Estimated Costs of a Minibus Hire Driver Service

Hiring a minibus is a cost efficient way of transporting a large number of people at once to a mutual destination.  Prices will vary according to distance travelled, whether it’s a single or return trip and the size of the bus selected to ensure adequate seating for the number of passengers.  Many services offer discounts and other services to ensure that all their customer needs and requirements are taken care of.

The price may include extras such as refreshments and an airline arrival and departure checking service to ensure that time modifications can occur should an airline be delayed or flights cancelled.  The driver allocated to drive passengers will often have a phone contact number so that communication is possible to confirm all travel times.  It is this extra service that adds to the ease of choosing a minibus hire-driver included service for group transportation needs.

Take the stress out of your next group trip or family holiday by considering the advantages of a minibus hire–driver included package.  Move everyone at a very affordable price that will compare well with the disadvantages of the alternative of two or three cars and drivers to transfer everyone.

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