Minibus Hire Gatwick Airport

If you are travelling as a group and arriving or departing England from Gatwick Airport and looking for an affordable and simple choice of hire vehicles, it is worth considering minibus hire.  Minibus hire enables you to transport your group together in one vehicle and at a price that is often more economical than hiring multiple smaller vehicles.

What is Minibus Hire Gatwick Airport?

As one of the country’s major airports, Gatwick Airport is a busy and active airport.  Driving to the airport and finding long term parking for a single vehicle can be expensive and time consuming and if a number of vehicles are involved this is doubly true.  Minibus hire can take the stress and problems out of travelling to the airport.

Whether you choose a self drive option or organise to have a driver to drive the minibus for you, hire companies can supply beautiful buses that will make your trip pleasant and comfortable.  This will enable you to arrive or leave the airport stress free no matter whether the reasons for your trip are business or pleasure.

Large luggage areas, comfortable seating and front and rear air-conditioning ensure the trips to and from the airport are extremely pleasant for all passengers.  The convenience of adding a driver who will monitor flight times and who is an experienced driver that knows alternate routes to the airport ensures that you will arrive at the airport in plenty of time to catch your flight.

Where can I Find Minibus Hire Gatwick Airport?

Most major national hire car companies will have vehicles available to take customers to or from Gatwick Airport.  Perhaps ask a family member or colleague who you know has used a company in the past to recommend the one they chose to use, otherwise contact any listed company and if they cannot help you with a hire vehicle, they may be able to refer you to companies that do hire minibuses to or from your desired location.  Some companies that may be able to assist with supplying minibuses to and from Gatwick Airport include:

  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • SIXT Rentals
  • Easirent Car Hire
Each of these companies has a booth located at Gatwick Airport.

What is the Cost of Minibus Hire Gatwick Airport?

The cost of hiring a minibus to or from Gatwick Airport will depend on the number of seats required, the age of the driver and the type of minibus selected.  Companies are happy to provide a quote and will adjust the price according to availability of discount vouchers or any other special promotion they may have for airport drop off’s.  One way hire is possible from locations around the country to Gatwick Airport.  A surcharge may be charged at the time of hire for this service.  The provision of a driver may also add to the final costs.

Using a minibus hire Gatwick Airport company to help you organise your next trip to or from England’s second busiest airport will enable you and your family or colleagues to enjoy a stress free start or finish to any holiday or business trip.

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