Minibus Hire in Aberdeen

Classed as Scotland’s third most popular city, it is no surprise to see many businesses offering minibus hire in Aberdeen.

The size of Aberdeen means that there are a whole array of services offered by minibus hire companies, with the following being examples:

  • Airport transfers – The city has its own airport and practically every company in the region will offer an airport transfer service.
  • Nightclub transport – While this is not available from most companies, a lot of firms in Aberdeen do offer night services such as transport to and from nightclubs. It should be noted that costs for this service are higher than normal, although with companies mainly targeting students from the local university they are certainly not unaffordable.
The large number of attractions in Aberdeen means that there is also a big number of minibus hire companies. This of course can present the consumer with a very difficult decision as on paper, all seem to be very similar. It is therefore recommended to firstly take a look at the following three companies, which are currently seen as some of the most established in the Aberdeen market:

  • Bain’s Coaches
  • Arnold Clark Rental
  • Mairs Thistle

Bain’s Coaches

Bain’s Coaches are one of the most renowned minibus hire companies in Aberdeen, with the firm dating back to 1975. While they pride themselves on their minibus services, they also offer customers other types of vehicles with coaches and limousines being just two examples. What’s more, the company have released a specialist school bus product, which allows schools to take their students out in a bus that has been specifically designed with safety for children in mind.

Arnold Clark Rental

Like a lot of companies that deal in the minibus hire industry, a large part of Arnold Clark’s business is in car rental. However, they are still seen as a major player in the minibus hire sector and the fact that they have branches all across the United Kingdom should highlight how trustworthy they have become. The Aberdeen branch allow their customers to hire their vehicles from the airport, ferry or railway station, meaning that their service is highly efficient for temporary visitors.

Mairs Thistle

Mairs Thistle pride themselves on luxury minibus hire, with all of their vehicles arriving with all of the modern features. Customers of Mairs Thistle should expect their minibuses to contain TVs, drinks machines, reclining seats plus all of the standard minibus features. The company put no limit on distance, making Mairs Thistle an extremely versatile solution.

Minibus Hire in Aberdeen Summary

As the above has highlighted, Aberdeen is an area that holds a wealth of attractions and this means that there is no shortage of minibus hire companies. Whether it be minibus hire from the airport or for a long excursion, there are many companies that can handle the request and this has made the market very competitive. The three companies that have been analysed above are very established in the field and visitors should look to compare all solutions to these to gain a sound understanding of the market.

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