Minibus Hire in Blackpool

Blackpool is seen as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the North of England and therefore, the minibus hire market is very healthy and consumers will have access to a range of services:

  • Day Trips – The majority of minibus hire firms in Blackpool are available for day trips and quite a few organise special packages for visits to the likes of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the zoo and even tours around the Christmas lights.
  • Airport Transfers – Likewise, all firms are available for airport transfers. However, with several airports being in close proximity, it should be noted that some companies may be quite limited and only arrange transport for specific ones.
Three of the most popular minibus hire services in Blackpool will now be looked at. Of course, there are many more in the industry, but by providing a brief outline of three established firms readers should be supplied with the necessary knowledge to make a satisfactory booking for a minibus. The following companies will now be analysed:

  • Whirlwind Executive Travel
  • Elite Minibus Services
  • Jacksons Coaches Blackpool

Whirlwind Executive Travel

Established by an individual named Bill Winder in 1970, Whirlwind Executive Travel is recognised as one of Blackpool’s finest minibus hire companies. As well as offering minibuses for hire, the company also specialise in car hire with their wedding package being one of their most popular services. They offer a whole variety of different vehicles and this extensive range has resulted in Whirlwind Executive Travel receiving plenty of positive publicity over recent years.

Elite Minibus Services

Just like Whirlwind Executive Travel, Elite Minibus Services have plenty of experience in the minibus hire field with their company being in existence for twenty six years. Their vehicles can seat up to thirty three people and their most popular services include weddings, school trips and general minibus excursion hire.

Jacksons Coaches Blackpool

Jacksons Coaches Blackpool pride themselves on having the most up-to-date vehicles and just like the previous two companies that have been discussed, they have plenty of experience having been founded in 1970. The company allow their minibuses to be used for a variety of services, including airport transfers, school trips, conferences and sports events. Jacksons Coaches Blackpool also received national publicity when one of their vehicles was seen on the popular UK TV series Top Gear.

Minibus Hire in Blackpool Summary

With Blackpool being a massive favourite for tourists, visitors will have absolutely no problems in hiring a minibus. Many of the companies that offer such services have been in existence for many years and are still run by the same families. This generally means that most companies in this sector are genuine and trustworthy, meaning that visitors can hire a minibus in Blackpool without any worries. It should be noted that all three of the companies that have been discussed are highly recommended, with all of them possessing extensive experience in this market and still managing to provide their customers with a highly efficient service.

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