Minibus Hire in Bournemouth

While Bournemouth may not be quite as popular as other British seaside resorts; the area still attracts plenty of tourists who are keen to reap the benefits from one of the South’s most luxurious locations.

People looking for minibus hire in Bournemouth should be aware of the services that companies in the area offer:

  • Day Trips – This is arguably the main passage of trade for hire companies in Bournemouth, with basically every firm being available for the many day trips that are on offer in the area.
  • Airport Transfers – Considering the fact that Bournemouth has its own airport, all firms in the industry actively advertise their airport transfer services and customers should be able to get a very fair price.
Following on from the above, there is no doubt that Bournemouth contains plenty of options for minibus hire and consumers will not have a problem in finding one that suits their needs. To gain further insight into the minibus hire market in Bournemouth, it is recommended to at least take a look at the following firms who are seen as big players in the area:

  • Abacus
  • Buddys Travel
  • AL Bennetts


Abacus provide their customers with a range of different vehicle options, with minibuses, cars, 4x4s, vans and even refrigerated vans all being available for hire from the company. Having been in operation for over twenty years, it would be fair to say that Abacus possess considerable experience in this market and they are also family owned, which may appeal to some customers. The company have over three hundred vehicles in total to hire, with their minibuses arriving with an impressive spec. The average minibus available from Abacus will have seventeen seats, run on Diesel fuel and also arrive with the optional extra of satellite navigation.

Buddys Travel

In comparison with a lot of minibus hire companies in Bournemouth, Buddys Travel are relatively new having originated in 2004. Since then, their company has progressed significantly and they are now seen as a key player in the chauffer minibus hire section of the market. Buddys Travel provide services such as airport transfers, night trips, day trips and even just general city hire.

AL Bennetts

AL Bennetts are only slightly newer than Buddys Travel, having opened their doors in 2001. They offer a similar array of services, with golf trips, weddings and hen events being some of their most popular. For most of these services, AL Bennetts will provide a chauffeur meaning that there is absolutely no trouble in driving and finding locations.

Minibus Hire in Bournemouth Summary

Bournemouth may not be as popular as other seaside resorts, yet it is still a very common destination for many people and this means that there are many minibus hire services available. Compared to a lot of cities, many of the companies that operate minibus hire in Bournemouth are quite new. However, with the field being so competitive, there is no need for concern and the vast majority of firms arrive with very good reputations and will be safe to use.

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