Minibus Hire in Bristol

Bristol cannot be classed as a tourist hotspot, although it is a well known fact that the minibus hire industry does not solely rely on this type of customer. Instead, companies generally focus on the following services:

  • Airport Transfers – Consumers will have absolutely no problems in locating a minibus for the airport, as this is a service which practically all firms in Bristol will offer.
  • Student Transport – Students should be aware of the special packages that local companies have created, with many offering very good discounts for transport to nightclubs.
  • Sport Transport – With a mixture of major football and rugby teams being based in Bristol, there are a lot of companies who provide special packages for away fixture transport at the weekends.
At the moment, the following three companies are seen as some of the largest providers of minibus hire in Bristol:

  • Coach Hire Bristol
  • South West Minibuses
  • Bugler Coaches

Coach Hire Bristol

Coach Hire Bristol claim to be one of the cheapest and most efficient companies in the city. The firm have a huge range of different vehicles, with some being able to carry eight people while others can carry one hundred. Coach Hire Bristol supplies a fully trained driver with every order, as well as a first aid kit and sophisticated seat belt system. They state that their service can be used for a variety of different occasions, with schools, weddings and sports clubs all being common types of customers.

South West Minibuses

The range of vehicles that South West Minibuses offer is not as large as the previous company, with SWM offering minibuses with capacities between eight and thirty three. The company will travel to any destination and in an offer that will appeal to many businesses; they will sometimes consider credit accounts. Customers can make payments via Paypal, while bookings can either be made on the phone or online. Unlike some companies, South West Minibuses also allow free wait times when a customer books a return journey.

Bugler Coaches

Bugler Coaches was first established in 1947, which makes them one of the oldest minibus hire companies in Bristol. The company allow users to hire coaches from capacities from 16 to 55 seats, making them an extremely versatile solution. They also boast one of the most comprehensive booking systems in the industry, making them a very good choice for many individuals.

Minibus Hire in Bristol Summary

While the above text has covered three minibus hire services in Bristol, it would be fair to say that there is not a huge amount of choice for the customer. Many people do not visit Bristol for tourism purposes and this means that the market is much smaller in comparison with other cities. The fact that it has an airport will mean that there is at least some demand for minibus hire, but in general the market is small and customers should probably look to use one of the companies mentioned above.

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