Minibus Hire in Cardiff

Being the capital of Wales, it would be fair to say that Cardiff is a popular and large city in the United Kingdom. Just like all major areas, consumers looking for minibus hire in Cardiff will be catered for in every possible way with the following services being just a few examples of what is on offer:

  • Nightclub Transport – The size and reputation of the Cardiff nightlife means that consumers have access to a lot of firms offering transport to and from nightclubs. Obviously, most of these packages will come with a chauffeur, although it should be noted that not all companies will allow the consumption of alcohol on their vehicles.
  • Millennium Stadium Transport – The Millennium Stadium is a difficult place to access for cars and this has resulted in several smaller firms offering cheap minibus transport to the venue.
With Cardiff being such a large city, there are plenty of options in relation to minibus hire in the area. However, it would be impossible to concentrate on all of these firms and instead, just some of the big players in the area will be focussed upon:

  • Roy’s Travels
  • Creigiau Travel
  • Alliance Minibus and Executive Car Services
  • Jennings Jaunts

Roy’s Travels

Roy’s Travels are a relatively new company in the minibus hire field, having been in existence since 2003. This means that the company is still quite small although they still cater for a range of different customers with weddings, airport transfers and corporate events being some of the most popular. All of the minibuses that Roy’s Travels supply come with entertainment systems which allow customers to freely play whatever music they wish for. One issue that certain clients may find restrictive is the maximum capacity of Roy’s Travels vehicles, with the largest only being able to hold 16 people.

Creigiau Travel

Creigiau Travel are slightly more established than the previous company, having formed in 1985. The firm provide services all over the country and also allow their coaches to travel into other parts of Europe. There are six different vehicles in the company’s fleet with the smallest being a 16-seater minibus while the largest is an executive coach that can house 71 people. Creigiau Travel have earned a very good reputation over recent years and the fact that they are an approved partner of the Cardiff City Borough Council emphasises this.

Alliance Minibus and Executive Car Services

Alliance is also a relatively new company in comparison with some firms in the industry having first opened its doors in 2000. The company generally specialise in the South West with areas such as Wales, Cheltenham and Worcester providing a lot of custom.

Jennings Jaunts

Jennings Jaunts are a much smaller company than any of the above, with the firm providing customers with a 16 seat minibus since their establishment in 2008. The company provide their vehicle for all types of services and while they are based in Cardiff, their minibus service is available to most places in the United Kingdom. With their website providing an easy quote form, this small company should definitely be considered.

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