Minibus Hire in Coventry

A lot of people are surprised to see that Coventry is one of the most populous places in the UK, with the city currently ranked in 9th place. This immediately paves the way for a positive minibus hire market and consumers should never have a problem in finding a company to satisfy their requirements.

Some of the most popular services offered in the Coventry area include:

  • Airport Transfers – The majority of firms in Coventry will be happy to supply transport to airports. In general, all service East Midlands and Birmingham International, although some will stretch further and provide transport to the London Airports and possibly Robin Hood Airport.
  • Shopping Trips – With so many other major cities located around Coventry, several firms have started organising special shopping trips to the likes of Birmingham and Nottingham.
With so many companies situated in Coventry, it is important to know who the main suppliers are. At the moment, the following three companies are classed as some of the most established:

  • Harry Shaw
  • A-Line Coaches
  • Johnsons Coach Travel

Harry Shaw

Having been in business since 1984, it would be fair to say that Harry Shaw Coach Hire is one of the most established firms in Coventry. They have built a solid reputation over the years and with their customers including some worldwide companies, it’s no surprise to see them performing so successfully. They have a vast range of vehicles with some holding capacities of just 22 while others can hold over 70. The company also include a VIP corporate coach in their range, which holds a variety of luxurious features such as fridges, microwaves, tables and power points.

A-Line Coaches

Just like Harry Shaw, A-Line Coaches possess plenty of experience in the minibus hire industry having first opened their doors in 1966. What’s more, the company also have a hugely impressive list of customers with the likes of the BBC, McDonalds and HSBC all using A-Line Coaches in the past. Customers can choose from a range of vehicles and for those clients who are travelling to London, all of A-Line Coaches’ minibuses are compliant with the Low Emission Zone standards meaning that there are no excess charges.

Johnsons Coach Travel

Johnsons Coach Travel are even older than the two previous companies discussed, with the firm being in existence since 1909. In total the company run 44 coaches with this providing nine different seating capacities. The smallest vehicle will house 8 people, while the firm’s largest will be able to cope with 73. Johnsons also separate their minibus hire services into class categories, with the best being club standard which provides customers with a DVD player, fridge and hot drink facilities.

Minibus Hire in Coventry Summary

In summary, the above has highlighted how Coventry is home to some major minibus hire companies. All of the three firms discussed above are huge in size and this means that the market is extremely competitive. With customers also being able to purchase selective VIP packages from the above companies, there is no doubting that the minibus hire market in Coventry is extremely varied and open for all consumers.

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