Minibus Hire in Doncaster

In recent years Doncaster has transformed and is nothing but a thriving place. Bearing this in mind, consumers definitely have more minibus services available to them than they did a few years ago, with the following being examples:

  • Airport Transfers – Following the recent development of Robin Hood Airport, practically every hire company in Doncaster provides an airport transfer service. To keep costs down, a lot of the time groups will share a minibus.
  • Corporate Days – With Doncaster now being a thriving business area, quite a lot of hire companies in the area have created packages for the corporate customer. This could involve a business being able to take out an executive minibus with a chauffeur for a special rate, for example.
With tourists very rarely visiting Doncaster, one would think that the minibus hire market is somewhat closed. However, there are many attractions close by that will attract residents of Doncaster, with Alton Towers, Skegness and the Yorkshire Moors being just several examples. This means that there is definitely competition in the minibus hire industry in Doncaster, with the following firms set to be explored:

  • PJ Minibus Travel
  • Welsh’s Coaches
  • Finlandia Travel

PJ Minibus Travel

PJ Minibus Travel mainly concentrates on airport transfers, with their vehicles having capacities between 15 and 29 people. To cope with the demand for airport transport, PJ Minibus Travel acquired a specialist luggage trailer which can hold up to fifteen suitcases. As well as including all of the usual features, the company can also provide child booster seats and low front entry steps to make transport easier for young and abundant customers.

Welsh’s Coaches

Having first opened their doors in 1967, it would be fair to say that Welsh’s Coaches possess plenty of experience in the minibus hire industry. The company claim that most of their business comes from holiday makers, although they still provide their service for many other uses. They have two types of minibuses available in their fleet, with one holding a capacity of 14 and the other having 16 seats.

Finlandia Travel

Finlandia Travel’s fleet of minibuses have slightly larger capacities than the previous firm, with the company offering vehicles with between 16 and 49 seats. Being family owned, the company has gained a sterling reputation over the years and they are able to offer their services for a range of different events with corporate days, weddings and race meetings all being very popular. What’s more, Finlandia Travel have made it very easy for the end user to enquire about a booking, with their website including a simple form which allows users to contact the firm regarding availability of their fleet.

Minibus Hire in Doncaster Summary

In conclusion, Doncaster may not be the popular tourist hotspot like other towns, but the area certainly has a large market for minibus hire. There are plenty of tourist destinations nearby, while the development of the town’s airport has meant that minibus companies can now perform the profitable service of airport transfers. Bearing this in mind, the end consumer definitely has plenty of options for minibus hire in Doncaster.

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