Minibus Hire in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most popular places in the United Kingdom and has a wealth of culture. As well as being a tourist favourite, the city is also the capital of Scotland and this gives minibus hire firms a huge market to target.

The following are examples of services that are most commonly offered in the city:

  • Nightclub Transport – A selection of companies in Edinburgh supply evening packages to transport people to and from the city’s nightclubs. This obviously includes a chauffeur, although customers should always be aware of the various policies that companies have attached to such packages.
  • Airport Transfer – The size and popularity of Edinburgh Airport means that practically every minibus hire firm in the area is vying for custom in this sector of the market. This generally means that rates are low.
As stated above, there is undoubtedly a huge market for minibus hire in Edinburgh with attractions and the airport being just two reasons why people travel to Scotland’s capital. With the consumer having so many options, some of the big players of the minibus hire market in Ediburgh will now be looked at to help aid the consumer’s decision.

  • Coach Hire Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Taxi
  • CTC Scotland
  • AAA Coaches

Coach Hire Edinburgh

Coach Hire Edinburgh are seen as one of the most successful companies in the industry and their services not only span all across the United Kingdom, but also through Europe. That makes them a highly attractive firm for many consumers although many simply use them for the regular events such as theme park days, weddings and nights out. With the company providing minibuses with capacities between 16 and 81 seats, they certainly provide a huge variety for the end customer.

Edinburgh Taxi

As the name suggests, Edinburgh Taxi do not just focus on the minibus industry but also provide taxi services. One of the major selling points of the company is the fact they are available 24 hours a day, which makes them an extremely versatile option for many people. Unlike Coach Hire Edinburgh, Edinburgh Taxi’s services seemingly don’t stretch to Europe although they still accept national orders.

CTC Scotland

CTC Scotland claim to be the country’s leading transport management company which obviously puts them in an excellent position when it comes to the minibus hire sector. The company has some huge clients and the fact many travel agents use their service speaks volumes about their success. They can offer customers a variety of options with specialist airport transfer vehicles, sight-seeing coaches and standard minibuses all being available. With the seating options varying between 8 and 50 in capacity, CTC Scotland are certainly a huge player in the industry.

AAA Coaches

AAA Coaches are another large company based in Edinburgh and they also offer a huge range of services, with their buses holding capacities between 8 and 70. They also provide a very easy to use form on their website which makes quotes extremely simple and fast to obtain.

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