Minibus Hire in Essex

Essex is one of the largest counties in the United Kingdom and this means that there is always a demand for minibus hire. In general, all types of services are catered for although the following are some of the most common taken by customers:

  • London Trips – Consumers will not have any problem in finding transport to the capital. Many firms in Essex will simply supply their own chauffeur and ferry numerous groups to the city over the course of a single day. Companies generally filter in the congestion charge into their prices, meaning that customers do not have to worry about it.
  • Ferry Transport – A lot of firms in the area provide transfers to the nearby Dover seaport.
  • Airport Transfers – Similarly to above, there is no shortage of companies providing options for transport to the airport.
With so many companies vying for custom in Essex, it is important for consumers to focus on just a small selection of companies so they can completely satisfy their own needs. The following four companies will be analysed through this text:

  • Simon’s Bus
  • Essex Minibuses
  • Turners of Essex are an Essex based company that primarily conduct their business through the internet. They provide a variety of options with minibuses arriving with capacities between 9 and 17 seats. Many people will be relieved to see that the company publish a full list of prices for every destination in close proximity, which is something of a rarity for the industry.

Simon’s Bus

Simon’s Bus are a company that specialise in minibus rental in the Essex area and offer two packages; corporate and party bus. The terms are fairly self-explanatory with the corporate deal applying to those businesses who desire a professional service, while the party package is the complete opposite. Simon’s Bus have probably gained most of their publicity through their party bus, which will apply mainly to stag, hen and general celebration events. The bus incredibly has its own sound and lighting system while a professional DJ will also be on board to enhance the atmosphere. A lot of people will also be delighted with Simon’s Bus’ policy, which allows a moderate amount of alcohol to be consumed on journeys.

Essex Minibuses

Essex Minibuses cover most of the region and generally provide services for airport transfer and stag and hen parties. Similarly to, the company do provide some prices and these appear competitive, with a 16 seat minibus costing the customer £120 to Gatwick Airport. Other price examples for a vehicle of that size include £90 to the O2 Arena and £160 to Thorpe Park.

Turners of Essex

Having been established since 1985, Turners of Essex certainly possess plenty of experience in the minibus hire industry. The company are well regarded in the community and the fact they act as the main transport provider for a local school justifies this. However, it should be noted that the company refuse to be used for any nightclub, hen or stag party events.

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