Minibus Hire in Glasgow

While it may not be the capital of Scotland, Glasgow is the biggest city in the country and it is also one of the most populous in the United Kingdom. This fact alone makes the minibus hire market very competitive, with consumers having access to the following services:

  • Day Trips – Practically every minibus hire firm in Glasgow takes advantage of the vast market for tourism in Scotland and provides services for standard day trips across the country. Of course, it is also possible to hire vehicles for longer, although some firms will have a policy on the maximum mileage allowance.
  • Airport Transfers – It goes without saying that consumers will have no problem in finding a reliable firm for airport transfers. With Glasgow being such a major city, there are countless companies offering this service in the area.
Unsurprisingly, customers have plenty of choice for minibus hire in Glasgow. With the city being one of the largest in the United Kingdom, there is certainly no shortage of firms in the market and the following firms will now be looked at:

  • Doig’s of Glasgow
  • Fairline Coaches
  • 1st Minibus Coach Travel

Doig’s of Glasgow

Doig’s of Glasgow has existed since 1991 and has become a hugely popular firm in the region. The company claim that one of their biggest achievements was being the travel partner of the Scottish Badminton championships, which saw over 80,000 customers travel on Doig’s coaches in just two weeks. They are of course not just open to the large organisations but also to those who just require a small vehicle for a simple event. Doig’s of Glasgow operate with a large fleet that contains vehicles such as cars, minibuses, Double Deckers, wheelchair friendly buses and executive coaches. This extensive range has made them a firm favourite in the industry.

Fairline Coaches

While Fairline Coaches may not possess the large clientele that the previous company does, they are still seen as a big player in the minibus hire industry in Glasgow. The company operate on a large fleet with their vehicles holding capacities between 16 and 49. They also make booking exceptionally easy for the end consumer, with the company providing a simple form on their website.

1st Minibus Coach Travel

1st Minibus Coach Travel are a national company that have a branch in the Glasgow region. The company have a huge range of vehicle options with their fleet containing nine different minibuses, ranging from capacities of 7 to 59. With the company providing an online booking form that returns quotes instantly, they are the perfect firm to gain a quick understanding of the pricing model in the Glasgow area.

Minibus Hire in Glasgow Summary

The minibus hire market in Glasgow is incredibly competitive, with many companies vying for custom. This should come as absolutely no surprise, with Glasgow being one of the most popular cities in the United Kingdom and providing a wealth of activities to tourists. Bearing this in mind, consumers should have absolutely no trouble in finding minibus hire in Glasgow.

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