Minibus Hire in Gloucester

Gloucester is one of the most historical towns in the South West region, with the region containing many areas of interest that make the minibus hire market very much in demand. A range of minibus hire services are offered in the region, with the following being examples:

  • Sport Transport – There are several firms associated with Gloucester Rugby Club that provide packages for transport to away fixtures for the team.
  • Airport Transfers – Seeing as there is no major airport in Gloucester, most minibus hire companies provide an airport transfer service which usually involves the transport to and from the nearby Bristol Airport.
  • Nightclub Transport – There are a small number of firms who organise nightclub transport, usually to a major nearby city such as Bristol. However, very few of these firms will allow customers to take alcohol on board, while some may even have a strict policy on the time to return to the vehicle.
With so many attractions around the Gloucester area, the market is filled with plenty of minibus hire companies. The three companies listed below will now be analysed to highlight just how the market in Gloucester functions:

  • Denwell
  • Cathedral Coaches
  • A and C Coaches


While Denwell are actually based in Cheltenham, their services still stretch to Gloucester and most of the Cotswolds for that matter. The company cater for a range of different events with weddings, airport transfers and even tours of the Cotswolds being examples. The company hold a large fleet containing six types of vehicles and with some of their past clients including schools, Denwell are seen as hugely reliable company in the region.

Cathedral Coaches

Cathedral Coaches is located right in the heart of the Gloucester town meaning that they easily accessible for the majority of people. They have existed for over 40 years and with their vehicles ranging in capacities between 21 and 48, they are another firm who offer plenty of variety for the end consumer. Cathedral Coaches provide three methods of obtaining a quote, with telephone, email and the form on their website all being options.

A and C Coaches

Having been established since 1999, A and C Coaches is another old company in the Gloucester region. The firm run their services throughout Gloucestershire and will cover practically any event including weddings, airport transfers or even day trips to the nearby Cheltenham Racecourse. The firm publish a basic list of prices on their website, although they advise potential customers to call to gain an accurate quote.

Minibus Hire in Gloucester Summary

With Gloucester holding so many attractions, it’s no surprise to see so many minibus hire firms vying for custom. While three companies have been explored here, there are in fact many more and consumers should shop around to find the best deal. As the company Denwell showed, there is also a very good market in Cheltenham and with this being so close to Gloucester, customers should also consider looking there.

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