Minibus Hire in Grimsby

Grimsby certainly cannot be described as a tourist hotspot, with the area being a small fishing town that is undergoing redevelopment.

However, there are still a lot of minibus hire services provided in the region, such as the following:

  • Airport Transfers – Most hire companies in Grimsby provide transport to the nearby Humberside Airport. Considering the fact that this facility is not seen as one of the major ones in the United Kingdom, most companies will be happy to arrange transport to other airports located within a reasonable distance.
  • Day Trips – With so many attractions based around Grimsby, all companies in the region allow their vehicles to be taken out for a day. The customer generally has the option of taking a chauffeur.
While there are many attractions around Grimsby, the small scale of the area means that there are fewer minibus hire companies around in comparison with other regions. However, there are still some large firms operating in the area, with the following three being examples:

  • Amvale
  • Millman Coaches
  • Expert Coach Services


Amvale can provide customers with a vast array of vehicle options, with basic minibuses, wheelchair-friendly buses, school buses and executive coaches all being included in their fleet. Customers have the option of hiring vehicles with capacities ranging between 16 and 70 seats, meaning that Amvale cater for an extremely wide market. What’s more, the company also provide a standard bus service to the community, which highlights how well regarded they are in the area and how reliable they have become.

Millman Coaches

Millman Coaches originally started as a taxi company, yet then decided to move into the minibus hire industry during the late 1970s. Since then, their business has expanded significantly and the firm now operate a fleet of nine vehicles with customers having a huge choice available. Capacities range between 24 and 53 and with the company catering for all types of events, they are another business that should definitely be considered in the Grimsby area.

Expert Coach Services

Expert Coach Services are a national minibus hire business, with one of their branches being located in Grimsby. Unlike a lot of firms in the industry, Expert Coach Services concentrate most of their business on UK holidays meaning that most customers of the company are hiring their vehicle for a significant period of time. With that being said, the firm do still accept orders for shorter periods and consumers interested in such a package should use the telephone number that is provided on their website.

Minibus Hire in Grimsby Summary

With Grimsby barely attracting any tourists, it’s no surprise to see so few minibus hire businesses located in the area. There are of course more companies in the market than the ones mentioned above, but those three are seen as some of the big players in the minibus hire business in Grimsby. Fortunately, the market is still competitively priced and despite the lack of companies, customers will still be charged reasonable fees for minibus hire.

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