Minibus Hire in Hertfordshire

Located in the East of England, Hertfordshire is one of the most populous counties in the United Kingdom and is close to many of the country’s major attractions.

This alone gives an indication of the number of minibus hire services that can be obtained around the region, with the following being examples:

  • London Trips – All firms in the area are used to providing their vehicles for day trips to the capital.
  • Airport Transfer – Similarly to above, Hertfordshire’s proximity to London means that all companies are used to requests for airport transfers to the city’s facilities and will easily be able to cater for all requests.
Due to Hertfordshire’s location, it’s not surprising to hear that there are a vast number of minibus hire companies available in the region. To make the situation easier for the consumer, three of the most established minibus hire companies in the county will be highlighted. Reviews of the following three firms should provide information on what the market offers and what consumers should expect:

  • Minibus Executive Travel
  • Stevenage Minibus Hire
  • Basic Travel

Minibus Executive Travel

Minibus Executive Travel started trading in 1996 and since then it has grown tremendously. At the time of writing, the company has amassed a fleet of 25 and this includes minibuses with capacities ranging from 16 to 53. What’s more, the company have built a reputation over the years of possessing only the most modern of vehicles, with all minibuses being upgraded within four years of purchase. This means that the customer has access to a very new range of minibuses, which will obviously enhance the travel experience significantly.

Stevenage Minibus Hire

Stevenage Minibus Hire cover a range of towns and cities around Hertfordshire and even stretch their services across to Bedfordshire. At the moment, the company just have two types of vehicle available in their fleet with an 8 seater Volkswagen Transporter Minibus and 16 seater Ford Transit Minibus making up this tally. The firm are available for all types of service, with weddings, stag nights, hen nights and airport transfers all being common events catered for.

Basic Travel

While the company may be named Basic Travel, their service is far from basic with the firm offering a range of options to their customers. At the moment, Basic Travel have a fleet of nine vehicles with their capacities ranging between 8 and 24. They are happy to accept any type of order, although unlike a lot of minibus hire companies this has to be performed through the phone or via email with no online quote form available.

Minibus Hire in Hertfordshire Summary

Hertfordshire’s location and beauty means that there is a huge market for minibus hire. However, with the county sat right on the outskirts of London, customers have to be careful not to pay capital prices and should search around to find the best deal. As the above has shown, there are plenty of local companies and this means that consumers should not have a problem in negotiating a low price.

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