Minibus Hire in Hull

Unbeknown to many, Hull is actually the shortened name for a city which is officially named Kingston upon Hull.

There are a range of minibus hire companies in the area, with most being at least being able to offer the following services:

  • Airport Transfers – Most companies in Hull will provide an airport transfer service, with transport generally being arranged to the nearby Humberside Airport. However, seeing as this airport is not classed as one of the major ones in the country, a lot of companies will stretch their services out towards other facilities.
  • Nightclub Transport – A lot of firms in Hull take advantage of the vast student market and have put together various nightclub transport packages for nearby towns.
Just like all areas in the UK, Hull has many minibus hire providers. The following three are seen as some of the biggest and most established in the city:

  • Arrow Self Drive
  • Jim Bell Coaches
  • Hull Coach Hire

Arrow Self Drive

As the name suggests, Arrow Self Drive do not provide a driver alongside their service but simply give their customers a vehicle. The company do not concentrate on minibus hire alone, but can also provide vans, cars and trucks. Unlike a lot of companies, Arrow Self Drive can offer their customers a range of different minibuses with capacities arriving in 7, 9 and 17. The user is presented with a simple booking form, whereby they first choose the vehicle before then proceeding to choosing a date. From then on, the system will inform them of the availability and price.

Jim Bell Coaches

Jim Bell offers their customers a slightly larger fleet of minibuses, with the capacities ranging between 16 and 23. Having been established for a number of years, the company have managed to accumulate an impressive list of clients with the likes of the Bank of Scotland, HSBC and O2 all using their services in the past. Jim Bell is available for all types of use and with the firm providing services for both regular and corporate customers, they should definitely be under consideration for every consumer.

Hull Coach Hire

Coach Hire are a national group and the Hull branch provide the exact same efficiency as all other Coach Hire firms in the country. The company can offer vehicles with between 14 and 81 seat capacity, while there are also no restrictions on the type of events they cater for with weddings, nights out and theme parks all being available. The company provide a simple quote form for their customers, meaning that their booking services can be used all day, every day.

Minibus Hire in Hull Summary

As stated above, Hull is most certainly not a tourist destination although there are several reasons why individuals would travel to the region. The local airport has created plenty of business for the minibus hire market, while the night life, shopping and university also opens up the industry in Hull and allows consumers to find competitive prices.

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