Minibus Hire in Leicester

Leicester is one of the most populous areas in the United Kingdom and as well as this, the city also contains a range of nearby attractions. Bearing these facts in mind, it will not be a surprise to see that there are countless minibus hire services offered in the city.

The following are just several examples:

  • Airport Transfers – Leicester’s location means that hire companies will generally provide transport to a number of airports. However, East Midlands is the closest and this is the facility which provides the hire market with the most custom in Leicester.
  • Day Trips – Minibus hire companies in the area are more than happy to supply their vehicles for one day hire. However, some firms do have maximum mileage policies and it is advised to read the small print so not to incur additional charges.
Bearing all of the above in mind, it’s no surprise to see that there are plenty of minibus hire companies around in Leicester and the market has become highly competitive. With the minibus hire market in the city being so vast, it would be impossible to provide reviews on each company to grace the industry. For this reason, it is worth highlighting that the following companies are viewed as big players in the industry and consumers should at least look at what they have to offer before making a decision:

  • City Self Drive
  • Kareena Travels
  • Woods Coaches

City Self Drive

As the name suggests, City Self Drive offer their vehicles without a chauffeur. For some people this will be ideal, as the lack of a driver obviously results in cheaper fares. The company was established in 1962 and since then they have expanded enormously, with their minibuses being able to hold anywhere between 7 and 17 people. Unlike the majority of firms in the industry, City Self Drive also provide a full list of prices on their website and with their smallest minibus retailing for £64.32 per day, they are certainly a company that should be considered.

Kareena Travels

A family run business, Kareena Travels was established in 1984 and possesses plenty of experience in the minibus hire market in Leicester. While the company concentrate a lot of their business on airport transfers, they are also available for many other services including sporting events and local attractions.

Woods Coaches

Woods Coaches are one of the most established minibus hire companies in the region, with the company offering a range of minibus options for customers. The firm provide services for all different types of events, with day trips, theatre shows and even full holidays being catered for. Woods Coaches are constantly updating their website with their latest promotional packages, meaning that consumers can snap up very good bargains if they act quickly.

Minibus Hire in Leicester Summary

Considering the vast size of Leicester, it’s no surprise to see so many companies filling the minibus hire marketplace. Such competition means that the consumer has many options and should not have any problems in locating a minibus for any occasion.

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